Saturday, January 15, 2011

Way to go!

I know someone famous!! :) My friends and fellow Delawarians (is that a word?), Pat and Kathy are published quilt designers! They have their first designs in this magazine (Quick Quilts, Feb/Mar issue)! It's a fun project have to check it out! I subscribed to the magazine just to be sure I'd get their pattern in case I couldn't find it in local stores. It finally arrived today! I was beginning to think I actually ordered it in a dream. :P
It's a great design that combines the use of wool and traditional fabric piecing...very nice!!
Great job ladies! You should be so proud. :)


  1. i got this issue as well, how cool and congrats to them

  2. Thanks for the reminder on this...I'll have to go give the girls a congratulations!

  3. Thanks, Michelle! You are so sweet to "brag" about us. Hope to get together with you at some point in February or early March!

  4. thank you for the wonderful are making me blush


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