Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Whew...time flies...

I'm always amazed at how fast time flies. I realized I haven't blogged since before retreat, so I have a bit of catching up to do! The month of May just whizzed by...between a trip to California and the quilting retreat, I just don't know where the days went! :)

First off...here is my traveling buddy, Miles. He has traveled the "miles" with me in the car since leaving Idaho a year ago and he's finally lost a little of his shyness and agreed to be photographed. :P (More photos of Miles will follow in another post.) We left at O-Dark-30 to start our journey towards Indiana (actually earlier...it was 3am!!). We had to take a little detour and head to New Jersey to pick up Peggy and Robin.
Retreat was so much fun, as usual! We did a little shopping, a good amount of sewing/quilting, and tons of laughing! These ladies have such a special place in my heart and I so look forward to seeing them each May.
I'm happy with what I accomplished at retreat and have a couple of pictures to share. I started the Points of Pride quilt and I love love LOVE these blocks.
I also completed the flying geese border of my Patchwork Party quilt. I'm debating about adding the last border or not...the pattern as written is not big enough for a queen bed. I do not have enough of the original fabric to make the last border(s) big enough for a queen. My daughter loves it and said, "It's big enough right now for my twin bed!" LOL So maybe there is my answer...just stop now, quilt and bind it and give it to her for her apartment.
Look at this little cutie! Robin gifted me with this adorable pincushion kit from "Just Another Button Company." I just had to make it right away. Isn't it just the cutest thing! Speaking of gifts, I was totally spoiled by Robin AND Peggy...they are just the most generous people in the world!
This was a quickie birthday gift I made when I came home from retreat. It's for a friend that loves pumpkins...so even though it's not pumpkin season, I know she'll appreciate it in the fall. :)
Whew....I think that's all the pictures for now. I have a few others I'd like to share, but they deserve to be in their own post. :)

We are finally feeling a touch of summer here and I'm loving it! I have flowers planted and they are thriving and growing nicely. I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying a bit of sunshine!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Ooo I really like your Points of Pride quilt blocks... this would be fun in some all orange/yellow/red... hrmm... :)

  2. Your "twin" quilt is a feast for the eyes...such yummy colors!

    I am the biggest pumpkin fan I know. Is that your original design? Love it!

  3. GREAT-looking quilts! Gee...wish I'd actually met Miles when Sherry and I visited you. He might have enjoyed watching you use the GO cutter. :)

  4. Nice catch up post. I'm impressed by your quilting projects, so many points and they all look perfect!


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