Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are you up for a summertime challenge?

Starting a new project is the LAST thing I need to do...but what can I say? I must be a glutton for punishment.

Some of you may remember the "9 Patch Project" from last summer? This summer the challenge is to make Bow Tie blocks. For those of you unfamiliar...the goal is to make one block a day from the first day of summer to the first day of fall. At the end you'll have 95 blocks!! In case you didn't hear...TODAY is the first day of Summer! Woohoo!!

You can go to Anna Lena Land for more details and cutting instructions...for 6" or 3" blocks. She also has a Facebook page.

Even up until this morning, I was going to stay away from this project. But I made my first block and that was the end of my resolve. :/ I'm doing 3" scrappy blocks.
I prepped a few block kits for about the next 20 days or so...it was easy since I raided my leader/ender bin for some 2" squares too! That little block for the "tie" of the bow tie is 1"!!!
So, what do you say? Are you in??!!!


  1. hmmmm last time you mentioned being up for a challenge, I got myself into the mystery quilt. lol I did enjoy last summer's 9 patch block a day challenge.so.... sure~

  2. They will be beautiful!

  3. Oh, you've gone and done it now!!! I tried to resist...even slept on it so I'd have more sense this morning, then I broke down and tried one (just one!) little 3" block -- and they are the cutest thing ever! I would just quit your blog forever but I can't do that. I really like you and your projects!! LOL I say throw me in, tentatively! I probably won't do one a day; I'll probably do ten or twelve every few days! I like your idea of cutting a bunch to be ready! Here we go!
    Mary Lou

  4. I am so overwhelmed right now but that does sound like a fun project...I have just too many trips planned to stay on a schedule


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