Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Book Review

I love historical fiction novels...and this was no exception. Hidden Affections is set in 1830's Philadelphia and begins with the heroine, Annabelle Tyler, attempting to start a new life after her scoundrel husband divorces her and steals the modest inheritance she received from her deceased parents. Carrying the stigma of being a divorced woman, she knows her options will be limited.

Suddenly she finds herself handcuffed to the handsome, wealthy, and elusive bachelor, Harrison Graymoor, and forced into another marriage neither of them want! She is promised a quick annulment, but quickly realizes that isn't going to be as easy as either of them hoped. In the meantime, Harrison attempts to hide her away until the marriage is legally ended...but the rumors spread quickly among high society and in order to preserve their reputations, they must play the role as a happily married couple. Annabelle and Harrison both have skeletons from their pasts that quickly come to the forefront and threaten to destroy their facade.

The story moves fairly quickly, but the characters and secondary characters are developed nicely and I found myself wrapped up in their lives, anxious to learn how things turn out for this unlikely couple. Although the story takes places in extreme winter weather conditions, this is a great summertime page turner!

Obligatory disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House to review and give my honest opinion, positive or negative!


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