Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Do you like to see the process?

Do you like to see pictures of projects in process? I came across a blog recently that brought up the topic of blogging about the process of quilting as opposed to just posting pictures of the finished product.

I think I'm somewhere in the middle. Occasionally I'm intrigued when a blogger shares how a project came about from beginning to end...but sometimes I enjoy seeing just the finished product. I especially like seeing process pictures if it includes a technique or a product that is new to me.

I think I blog about the same way...sometimes I share a few pictures of the process along the way, but most times I just take a picture of the finished product and blog about it after it's done.

Which do you prefer?

Today, you are getting some "in process" pictures. :)

I recently joined a new BOM program for Buttermilk Basin's wool candle mats. (I guess it's not really a BOM, but a CMOM..candle mat of the month :-P ) I'm receiving my kits from Primitive association, just a happy customer.

The first month received was for June. Here is a picture of the pattern cover...isn't it cute!
In the kit each month, I receive the pattern and all the wool for the mat. The wool is just scrumptious!! My favorite way to cut out the pieces is to trace them onto freezer paper and lightly iron the pieces to the wool. Don't iron too long or it sticks a bit too much to the wool and pulls some of the fibers out.
Now I have all my little units cut out...I pull the freezer paper off and throw them away. Sometimes I might reuse the paper pieces, but I actually find it easier to cut the wool when I have a line on the freezer paper to cut on instead of cutting around an old template.
Of course I have to lay everything out to see how it looks!
But I actually stitch in layers...from the bottom up. So in this case I did the strawberries first, and then the green pieces, and last the flowers. My BFF, Robin, recently shared this little tip...using 505 Temporary Adhesive spray to hold the wool pieces in place while you stitch. It works great! Sometimes I'll also hand baste the pieces in place.
Time for stitchin'!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Since I read the new posts by all the bloggers I follow, I like in-process pictures. It's like looking over my friend's shoulders while then work on a project.

  2. I like process photos... esp if the blogger posts details about what she's doing... I've learned a lot by reading this stuff and it's given me the courage to try new things.

    I also like finished photos... but sometimes those can be a bit intimidating without some of the process stuff too.

  3. Love it!!! Very cute. I use a glue stick and just use a teenytiny dab to hold my pieces in place.

  4. I enjoy both...seeing the process AND the finished project. Your strawberry mat is going to be adorable. For quick basting of things like that, I have also used a cheap aerosol can of hair spray (like Aqua Net). It does the same as the basting spray and I've never had any trouble with it gunking up the needle, either. :)

  5. What a sweet candle mat! What type of scissors do you use with your wool?

  6. I like both, the process and the finish. It is fun to see projects as they progress as many times I learn from it. Some day I will do a wool project and now I know how to use freezer paper to get the pattern transferred thanks to you! Thanks for the tips!


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