Monday, June 20, 2011

Farmer's Wife

There has been a lot of chatter in blogland about the Farmer's Wife book lately, hasn't there?

A few weeks ago in early May, I received Marti Michell's email newsletter and in it she explained that she had converted all but a few of the blocks from the book to use her templates. That is a great time saver from using the paper templates that can be printed using the CD that comes with the book. She was offering a bi-weekly FREE "BOM" for the conversion charts via email. I've had the book for a while and had it on my "someday" list and this was just the push I needed to get I signed up!

I have received the first and second installments of her conversion charts, which covers about 20 blocks or so. She is not going in numerical order, but rather doing blocks that use the same templates. The first installment was 10 fairly simple blocks that are made of mostly 2" HST and 2" squares.

I own two sets of her templates and she uses a total of 6 different sets for this project. I do love the accuracy of using the templates and have made a couple of quilts using the sets I own. But the truth is, I haven't been able to bring myself to buy the other 4 sets as that would be about $80. I keep thinking of other ways I can spend that $80 these days!! I'm going to press forward without the templates and see how I do. I know there are some more difficult blocks coming I may just have to print off some paper templates if I get stumped. Also, my friend Peggy had the great idea of referring to her "Around the Block" quilt pattern's a great resource for blocks of all sizes and patterns.

Here are the 10 blocks from the first installment! You can see I'm attempting to do a two-color quilt with blues and neutrals. I'm loving the blocks so far!!

#9 - Box (why Box? it looks like a pinwheel. LOL)
#16 Calico Puzzle
#21 Contrary Wife
#23 - Country Farm (my fave so far!)
#41 - Friendship Star
#69 - Practical Orchard
#70 - Prairie Queen
#72 - Railroad
#81 - Snowball
#84 - Spool
I was playing in Picasa...trying to set up a slideshow, but I don't quite have it yet. LOL
Now on to the 2nd installment...gotta finish before the next one arrives, which should be anyday! :P

Happy Quilting!


  1. Michelle, your blocks are wonderful! I can't wait to see more of these beauties!

  2. Fun, fun! One of my UFO's is one of Marti Michell's quilts using 2 sets of her templates. I agree, the accuracy is great, but lots of work cutting around those pieces of plastic! Looking forward to seeing your progress on this one.

  3. Your blocks are gorgeous!!! I have thought about getting this book, but honestly paperpiecing is not my thing... I still haven't started a Dear Jane or nearly insane because of that.

    Can you give me the web address for Marti's site and newsletter? I may have to investigate this.


  4. LOVELY blocks!!! Please help me resist jumping into this project. Pretty please. I had to smile looking at your blocks because I have A LOT of the same fabrics:) I think we are "stash twins" :)

  5. Your blocks look awesome, Michelle!! I love, love the two-color idea. I got the MM newsletter, too, but I was already immersed in using the rotary cutting instructions from the companion EQ disk (if you want those, most of which I've adapted for "quick piecing" let me know! :-D), so I didn't sign up. I need to relook though, since the "L" or "M" templates might work for those 5- and 7-patch grids that don't divide well into the 6" blocks! Being OCD and silly, of course, I have the templates, too. Let me know if you wanna borrow the sets! FW is addictive, that's for sure! (I only have 40 more blocks to do!! YIPPEE!! LOL)
    Mary Lou

  6. WOW did you make all of those blocks? They are awesome. Love the colors.


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