Thursday, June 16, 2011

TWO more finishes!

FINALLY...the Hooty Hoot quilt is finished! And with no time to spare, either. The baby was born on June 13th, so I need to get this baby packaged up and ready to mail!

I am so pleased with how this quilt turned out. I just think it's incredibly cute and huggable...if I do say so myself! The disappearing 9-patch is so quick and easy!
Can you see that striped binding? I love it!! I have a thing for striped binding right now...
I also LOVE using up extra fabric for the backing!

I'm usually stumped for ideas for making a cute label, but this idea popped into my head and I jumped on it. :) I found the little clip art owl online and traced it onto the label fabric. Cute!!

The second finish is the -still-unnamed-leader-ender-quilt. Just doesn't seem right to keep calling it my leader-ender quilt. LOL
Again....striped binding (click twice for a closer look). I told you I had a thing going, me and stripes. :P
And other favorite thing to do. I used up 9 yards of fabric from my stash for the back of this baby! Woohoo!!

Happy Quilting!!


  1. Wow Michelle, these are really wonderful! I noticed the striped binding, and loved it, before I read your text about it. That stash busting "back art" is also very cool. The owls are adorable, and something that a new baby can grow with. I haven't tried the D9P yet, must give that some thought. Wonderful projects!!

  2. Gorgeous quilts!!! Love the owls:) I think a majority of my quilts have stripey bindings. Plaid is fun too. Stash busting for backs is a wonderful thing:)

  3. How about "follow the LEADER and END with a quilt!"....

    I know, it's corny... haven't had my coffee yet :o)

    They are both lovely!


  4. Noah Michael is one lucky boy! I think he'll get a hooty-hoot out of it! Nice!

  5. Way to go, Michelle! Great quilts! I am needing to make 3 baby quilts and a grandson quilt and I may use the disappearing 9-patch after seeing how great yours looks. Thanks for the inspirationE!

  6. Beautiful quilts... and I love your pieced backs!

  7. Great always, Michelle!!! I'll have to be sure Sherry looks at the Hooty-Hoot quilt. She'll be happy you got it done (and the label is ADORABLE). I also love your scrappy leader/ender quilt......Waste Not, Want Not!!! Good use of what might otherwise have been discarded.

  8. Both quilts are just beautiful! I love using up scraps on the backs of my quilts too! :0)


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