Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer adventures....

One of my favorite things to do is hunt down new quilt shops! I've done a lot of driving across the country, either because of our military reassignments, or because we are traveling to see friends and family. Anytime we go somewhere new, I do a "google search" for quilt shops along the way. My husband is very accommodating and never complains about driving off the route in order for me to stop at a quilt shop (he usually uses that time for a nap). :)

This week, a friend (no blog) and I traveled to Richmond, Virginia, for a class, so of course I had to scope out local shops. I found three that seemed worthy of a stop, based on their location and the time we had available. The first two were just okay...nothing really notable. But the last shop we stopped at was INCREDIBLE!! It is Millstone Quilts in Mechanicsville, VA. In fact, this shop will be in the September 2011 issue of Quilt Sampler Magazine! If you aren't familiar with that magazine, twice a year they publish 10 "must see" shops from around the country.

I wish I would have taken some better pictures....the outside was soooo beautiful. The setting was so quaint...this shop is out in the middle of nowhere. LOL There are a few more pictures on their website. Of course, Miles had to sneak into the pic. :)
I wish I had taken more pictures of the inside too! I thought I did...but I guess I was too busy drooling to realize I wasn't taking pictures. :) The pics are taken with my phone, so they aren't the best quality.
The shop had an entire room of Civil War type fabrics....their displays and kits were just amazing!

Their displays were awesome, incorporating antiques and old wood workings from the mill that used to exist on the property.

I did come home with a small purchase....a kit for Patchalot Patterns "Stitchin Time" pattern. I love Marcie's patterns, so when I saw this kit, I knew I had to have it! I picked up two extra FQ's to add to the kit too. :)
If you are ever in the Richmond, VA, area, you MUST stop at this shop. :)

Happy Quilting!
p.s. stay tuned in the next couple of days for some exciting news at Michelle's Quilts & Stuff!!!


  1. oooohh's & ahhhh's! Thanks for taking us along, Michelle.

  2. Wow.... what a cool quilt shop! You did well to keep yourself to just one purchase!

    Off to check out the shop's website............

  3. How exciting! Looks like a wonderful shop. I stopped at one a few days ago and they had a whole room of Civil War fabrics too and I just didn't want to leave that room at all!!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  4. Thanks for sharing Michelle! And for buying my pattern! I will be excited to see how yours turns out. The shop looks awesome. I need to get out more!

  5. What a nice quilt store & fun trip . Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

  6. What a great shop. I'd have been too busy to get pics too.

  7. What a fun day! Looks like you took some neat goodies home with you too! How much fun is that?


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