Thursday, July 07, 2011

Wool Candle Mats (and charm winner!)

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Congratulations to "Needled Mom"....she is the winner of the charms!

Needled Mom said...

I was reading this and thinking that that tapestry quilt would look awesome using some of the charm squares. I.d love to give that a try with the charms.

I posted before about a new monthly program I joined for candle mats or Penny Rugs as they are called. Each month I receive a kit with the wool and a pattern designed by Buttermilk Basin. These are awesome! And so quick and easy to assemble. This is's not extremely summer-y, but the pennies look a little like sunflower colors. Some of the months are definitely seasonal or have a holiday theme. This one could stay out all year!

Here is the mat for June. I am in love with this one...I just have to pet it every time I walk by. :P The wools are just soooo nice.
I love the detail on these little projects...easy and simple, but just the right touch.
I don't remember what the theme/design is for August. I could look ahead on the website, but I think I'll wait and just be surprised when the kit arrives in the mail. :)

Happy Quilting!


  1. Congrats to the the mat.

  2. Congrats to Mary. Wow, love the strawberry mat!

  3. Congratulations to Mary!

    I love the candle mats. I tried clicking on the link to find out where you joined the candle mat of the month but it just links right back to your blog. Could you let me know what company that is?

  4. These are delightful, Michelle. Why am I not surprised you have joined something more?! LOL!

  5. I just read your blog! What beautiful quilts, I will bookmarking this and coming back to look.

  6. love the detail on these Penny Rugs/candle mats. so cute!

  7. Lovely blog on Seasonal candles
    Keep up the good work.
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