Monday, August 29, 2011


First off...thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers while I was evacuated during the hurricane. All is well and good and I'm home, safe and sound. There was no damage to our house, thankfully. Who would have thought we would have earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes all in one week in Delaware! I hope that is all the excitement for a good long while! Now, on to more exciting topics!

I know this is mainly a quilting blog....but my blog title is "Michelle's Quilts and Stuff," so I think it's okay to talk about some of my other hobbies, right? :)

I have loved scrapbooking for many, many years...I have lots of doodads, tools, stickers, papers, templates, cutters, etc. It's also been many years since I've pulled out all that -stuff- needed to scrapbook. Since our pictures are now all digital, I've seriously considered switching to a digital scrapbooking program....but I've always been torn, because the actual -doing- of the craft I think is what I enjoy...the cutting, the tactile feel of the paper and's all part of the experience. Do you know what I mean?

In the meantime, the pictures sit in boxes or in a file on the computer, untouched. A couple years ago, I researched computer scrapbook software and MyMemories stuck out as one of the best reviewed. I decided that was the one I wanted to try, but again, I hesitated...then we moved and again, scrapbooking was put on hold.

A couple of weeks ago...MyMemories contacted me and asked me to review their scrapbook software and post the review on my blog! How crazy is that? It was the exact software I had wanted to try! I have followed them on Facebook for a couple of years too. Another great thing....I get to giveaway a copy of MyMemories scrapbook software to one of my lucky readers!! Woohoo!

I was so excited to try out the software...and I have to tell you, at first it was a bit overwhelming. I feel like I am fairly competent with the computer and most consumer software programs...I knew this software was pretty user friendly, so what was wrong? I was completely lost! Then I realized that there are loads of video tutorials on the MyMemories blog! Perfect! That was exactly what I needed! I watched a few videos and something finally clicked!

In no time at all, I had started putting together my first album! Here are a few pages from our Alaskan Cruise scrapbook! (click on images for a closer look)

It's simple to drag and drop the photos into a pre-made template. Or you can make pages "from scratch" if you like.
Even the pre-made templates can be edited....more pictures can be added, elements can be changed, text can be added.
I still have much to learn and explore....and I'm so excited at the thought that my pictures will actually get scrapbooked now!
Here are some pros and cons I've discovered so far:

--easy drag and drop format
--pre-made, customizable templates
--easy to add or delete extra pages to your album
--pages can be saved into pdf format...those pdf's can be uploaded just like pictures for other products (mugs, mouse pads, calendars, tshirts, etc...great gift ideas!)
--spell checker/album check for errors
--albums can be uploaded and printed into hardbound books or printed as individual pages for a more traditional style scrapbook
--multiple size pages, 12" x 12", 8" x 10", 6" x 6", etc

--initially, getting started for me wasn't super clear...maybe it was just me and my over-eagerness to get started. :P
--(maybe pro AND con) comes preloaded with a huge amount of album templates and embellishments, but the really cool templates and embellishments are available to purchase online. The prices are reasonable and probably cheaper than what you would spend on paper, stickers, etc. There are lots of freebies in their online store too.

This is a great introduction's about 30 minutes. If you take the time to watch, it really has a great deal of information that I didn't cover here and will be well worth your time if you are seriously considering a digital software program.

So, now for the giveaway! You have the chance to win a copy of the MyMemories scrapbook software for yourself! I don't like super difficult blog giveaways, but I am going to ask you to do one thing. You only need to comment once for one entry, but I would like you to go to the MyMemories site and pick out your favorite album template and list it in your ONE comment. That's it! I will pick the winner with Random Number Generator on Tuesday, September 6th.

In addition to the giveaway, MyMemories has given all of you a $10 coupon toward the purchase of the MyMemories Scrapbook Software and also a $10 coupon for additional purchases in their store! A $20 value! It's that amazing?! Just add this coupon code at checkout: STMMMS55825

Don't forget to check out the MyMemories Blog for lots of ideas and tutorials! Also the MyMemories Facebook page is a great resource to see pictures of others' pages and shared ideas.

Now it's time for me to finish up my Alaska Scrapbook!

Good luck!!


  1. Scrapbooking is something that has always intrigued me but I refused to jump in and get involved because do I really need another craft? I'm guessing this software would make it so much easier and FUN. Just the other day my husband was going down memory lane on Facebook looking at his military friend's posting pictures of "their past" together. WOW...was he ever young and skinny! LOL At that time I thought to myself it would be fun to have a scrapbook of these photos he finds of himself and those old friends. If this software is something I could use for that GREAT! I went and looked at the templates and quickly spotted "Tour of Duty" it seemed appropriate for what I was thinking. Thanks again Michele.

  2. Wow... what a huge assortment of templates!

    I've been thinking about scanning family photos (think grandparents and great-grandparents on down) and making a memory book for family so they have copies of all these photos for themselves.

    I like the Heritage Blocks but there are several others I like almost as well. Definitely would choose one with places to "journal" so I could include names, places, and dates.

    Thanks for sharing about MyMemories... very cool!

  3. great review and giveaway. I like the heritage set.

  4. I like A Day at the Farm..since my kids show animals in 4-H it fits us

  5. I have that offer from My Memories and am going to download the software today, so don't put me in the giveaway, but I wanted to say your Alaska pages look nice. I wonder if I'll have trouble figuring it out at first, too? If so, I might be calling you for tips! I'll be doing a giveaway on my blog once I get it and try it and post a review, so anyone here who reads my comment might want to keep a watch on my blog over the next few weeks for a similar giveaway.

  6. This looks like fun! I like the Bad Hair Days template! So many to choose from!

  7. I've never used any scrapbook software....I tend to keep pictures in boxes and on the computer.....
    I might like to try it...

  8. I'd love a chance to win this. I liked several of the beach templates including sea shells.

  9. I'm similar to you...scrapbooked for years and then put it aside for quilting. I hadn't brought out any of my "stuff" for so long...until two weeks ago when I made a "Friend" scrapbook in just a week. She was so surprised and loved it! I remembered how very fun it was! I've never tried software and it probably would be Greek to me at first, too! I'd like the beach templates...mainly because last year I won a trip to a beach in Florida--my first time in that state. It was wonderful...I have pictures that need scrapbooking! Thanks for the chance.

  10. I would love to try digital scrapbooking. I never got into the scrapbooking craze. But as I get older, I really want someway to display my special pictures. I really love the Another Day with You template. Thanks for the giveaway and the review :)

  11. I LOVE the "going coastal" template! the colors are wonderful...I just don't want summer to end I think! LOL thanks for having this giveaway Michelle! The software looks great and for someone who loves the look of scrapbooking but doesn't do it yet, it might just be the ticket :)


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