Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Is anyone else already tired of talking and hearing about Irene? LOL It seems like it's been "coming" forever, but it's here now and I guess we need to take her seriously! My neighborhood has been evacuated. I actually left when it was "highly recommended," but now it's mandatory.

The housing area is in a tidal surge area, so they are concerned about flooding with the amount of rain this storm is bringing. We've had the wettest August on record too, so the ground is already saturated.

I'm a few hours northwest in Pennsylvania, so we'll be fine here. My husband had to stay back and work the emergency operational stuff that has to be done, but they are in a secure location, so I'm sure they will be okay, too.

At least with this kind of natural disaster, you have some time to prepare. In case it does flood, we moved everything we could think of to higher ground. Really, it's just pictures and photo albums that I worry about. Furniture can be replaced.

I'll check in when I'm home safe and sound...for now, me and the kitties and Buster, are just fine. Just waiting for Irene to leave town. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you who are also in the storm's path.

God Bless!


  1. Praying for you and all those in Irene's path. Keep us posted.

  2. Yes, one gets tired of hearing about the hurricanes for so long but it takes some folks a LONG time to pay attention! Glad you evacuated... will be thinking about you and your DH and praying for everyone's safety!

  3. So glad you are out of harm's way. Thinking about you and the others on the East Coast.

  4. I pray all are safe! So glad that you got out of there! My silly sister and her boyfriend drove to VA Beach yesterday to buy a boat motor from some guy, but they are on their way back home now.

  5. Same story here in south Jersey, but we are an hour from the coast. Riding it out at home. Stay safe!

  6. So many blogger friends seem to be in the path. Glad you have a safe location to go to. Prayers are with you.

  7. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Hope your house misses the mayhem! Take care!

  8. You can come back now!!! :)


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