Sunday, September 25, 2011

A day with Peggy and Robin

One of the benefits of living on this side of the country is getting to see Peggy and Robin a little more frequently. In case you didn't know, we met through a Yahoo quilting group years ago and I met them face to face at an annual retreat about 5 years ago. Until last year, we only saw each other once a year. Since I'm on the same coast now, we try to get together every couple of months.

Yesterday we met in Burlington, NJ, at a quilt shop called Olde City Quilts. If you happen to be in that area, you must stop in to this shop. I can't believe we didn't get any pictures. The shop is so inviting and they have samples inspiring and plenty of kits of those samples to tempt you! I'm actually going back on Friday for a class, so I'll try to remember to get pictures then.

After two hours of shopping (in just that shop), we walked a couple doors down to a yummy little Italian restaurant. pictures! I'm a bad blogger. :( After we finished eating, we drove about 20 minutes to J & O Fabrics. Wow! If you are looking for novelty fabric, this is the place to go! They also carry decorator and dress fabrics. It was one massive store!

After J & O, it was time for us to head home. Robin had a long drive back to Long Island. We have a plan to get together in November here at my place. There is a big craft show in town and the girls want to see my long arm!

I was able to give Peggy the two quilts I quilted for her...I didn't want to show them here until she had a chance to see them. This first one is soooo pretty. I love the fabrics she used...they are by Fig Tree, but I'm not sure what line.
I quilted it with a pattern called Petaline...I think it was a good choice and made the quilt look so pretty!
The second was this patriotic beauty. Isn't that going to be a great quilt for the summer holidays?
I quilted it with the Stars and Loops design.

I can't wait to see the girls again in November! I promise I'll take pictures then!

Happy Quilting!
Thursday, September 22, 2011

Works in progress...

It's beginning to cool off slightly and tomorrow is the first day of fall....that combination makes me instantly ready for pumpkin stuff! LOL I love pumpkins...they are my favorite part of fall. I bought this runner kit a couple years ago and unfortunately, sat untouched for a while. I finally assembled it last year, but never finished the applique stitching. I'm determined to finish it this year!!! I have it up on the longarm, and I'm working on it here and there when I get a few minutes. I think it's turning out nicely!
This is my Snow Days block of the month from Crabapple Hill. This was a 15 month program that started last May, I think. I kept up pretty well with this one! I'm still unsure how I will quilt it, but I'm also hoping to have this one done before Christmas. (forgive the wrinkles...I didn't feel like heating up the iron) :P
You should be able to click the picture for a closer view. I really enjoyed the embroidery on this project. This is by far the biggest embroidery project I've completed.

I needed this project like I need a hole in my head...but I couldn't resist this block of the month. It's the Cotton Club by Marcus Brothers. I'm receiving mine from Craft Town Fabrics. The fabrics are beautiful turkey reds and brown Civil War repros. Anyone else doing this BOM?
Did anyone see the kitty feet in the picture above? I'm forever sharing my cutting table with one of the kitties. :)

Happy Quilting!


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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Better late than never. :)

I finally made the September Count on It banner! I figure it's still September, so I'm really not late, right? I love these little banners and they really don't take much time.
And look! I also finished October's ahead of time! Yay me!! If you are familiar with this book, you'll see this is not the original design for October. The pattern in the book was black bats, and since I don't really decorate for halloween, I wanted something more fall-ish. My inspiration came from another pattern I own by Country Threads. Which reminds me...I really should finish that up for fall too.

This week I finally added the borders to my Patchwork Party quilt. Next, it's time to get it quilted....I'm a little nervous to tackle something like this! I'll keep you posted!

Happy Quilting!
Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Stuff

It's weigh in Wednesday and I'm happy to report I'm down 3 more pounds! I realized I didn't report in last week...I think the holiday on Monday threw me off and I lost track of days. So the 3lbs is over two weeks, but that's okay...I'll take it!

Not much in the quilty department to share, unfortunately...but I did get a couple of cute kitty pictures and they both involve my quilty stuff! What is it about fabric that draws these cats to it?

Galaxy is here visiting for a few days and she discovered the little bin with my leader/ender squares in it. Two draws here...the box and the fabric. She looks a little annoyed in this picture, but she was pretty content sitting there. :)

Last night, I was trying to finish up the binding on this donation quilt....I try to keep the cats off of any quilts I plan to give away, but Whiskers was just determined this time! She sat beside me on the couch and every time she nudged forward, I would put my arm up and say, "not this time, Whiskers." But before I knew it, she got through my defenses and immediately hunkered down. Before too long, she was completely relaxed and loving this quilt. She just purred and purred while she lay there. It's was so cute, I couldn't bring myself to disturb her. Which also meant I couldn't adjust the edges of the quilt to continue working on the binding! LOL You can see her eyes are open....she was just enjoying the warmth of the quilt. She stayed there for about an hour. :P
Just FYI...this quilt will be washed before sending it off for donation. :)

Happy Quilting!!
Monday, September 12, 2011

a little update...

It seems I don't have a lot to blog about lately! Actually, I've done quite a bit of quilting on my longarm, but some of the quilts were for a friend, and I want her to see the quilting before I share it here. I quilted two things for myself too, but I thought I should finish the binding first! I should have pictures soon.

But, here is something I can share! This the monthly wool penny rug from Buttermilk Basin. This is "August." I'm not really sure why sheep for August, but oh well, I'll take it. :) At first, this one didn't thrill me 100%, but as it was coming together, it started to really grow on me! You should be able to click on it for a closer look.

Second, I thought I would share this delicious soup! It's called Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder. I might have actually already shared it on here, but I just can't help it, I have to share it again. It's sooo delicious and is definitely a favorite in our house. Whenever the temperature starts to cool down, I immediately start craving soups. I don't know what made me think the temperature was dropping, 'cause it's still a little steamy out there.

3 T butter/marg.
4 chicken breast cut bite-sized
1 onion chopped
2 cloves garlic minced
2 cups half and half
2 cups shredded monterrey jack cheese
2 cans cream corn
2 cans chopped green chiles
1/2 t hot sauce (or more)
1/4 t salt (or to taste)
1/2-1 t cumin (I don't add this)
2 T chopped fresh cilantro (or this, not a cilantro fan)
*melt butter and add chicken/onion/garlic and saute
*stir in next 7 ingredients and cook over low heat, stirring often for 15 minutes
*stir cilantro in when soup is ready
*serve with extra cheese sprinkled on top

Happy Quilting!!
Tuesday, September 06, 2011


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Happy Quilting and Scrapbooking!!
Friday, September 02, 2011

more quilting....

This is another top I quilted for Tammy. Isn't it cute? She made it for her grandson, Alexander. It's flannel and it's an activity quilt! That panel in the center is a scavenger hunt list and you can search through all the cute fabrics to find the things on the list. The pictures aren't the best, but I want to get it in the mail today and this was the best I could do!
I quilted it with freehand swirls. Again...a first. Thank you, Tammy, for letting me experiment on your quilt! LOL I hope you like it!
Can you believe this is the back? I'm not sure which side I like better!
I can tell already, this quilt is going to be comfy-cozy in the cold winter months. Zander will surely snuggle up with this one!

Hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!