Sunday, September 25, 2011

A day with Peggy and Robin

One of the benefits of living on this side of the country is getting to see Peggy and Robin a little more frequently. In case you didn't know, we met through a Yahoo quilting group years ago and I met them face to face at an annual retreat about 5 years ago. Until last year, we only saw each other once a year. Since I'm on the same coast now, we try to get together every couple of months.

Yesterday we met in Burlington, NJ, at a quilt shop called Olde City Quilts. If you happen to be in that area, you must stop in to this shop. I can't believe we didn't get any pictures. The shop is so inviting and they have samples inspiring and plenty of kits of those samples to tempt you! I'm actually going back on Friday for a class, so I'll try to remember to get pictures then.

After two hours of shopping (in just that shop), we walked a couple doors down to a yummy little Italian restaurant. pictures! I'm a bad blogger. :( After we finished eating, we drove about 20 minutes to J & O Fabrics. Wow! If you are looking for novelty fabric, this is the place to go! They also carry decorator and dress fabrics. It was one massive store!

After J & O, it was time for us to head home. Robin had a long drive back to Long Island. We have a plan to get together in November here at my place. There is a big craft show in town and the girls want to see my long arm!

I was able to give Peggy the two quilts I quilted for her...I didn't want to show them here until she had a chance to see them. This first one is soooo pretty. I love the fabrics she used...they are by Fig Tree, but I'm not sure what line.
I quilted it with a pattern called Petaline...I think it was a good choice and made the quilt look so pretty!
The second was this patriotic beauty. Isn't that going to be a great quilt for the summer holidays?
I quilted it with the Stars and Loops design.

I can't wait to see the girls again in November! I promise I'll take pictures then!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Lucky you being able to meet your
    quilting friends. Your quilting looks fantastic on Peggy's Fig Tree
    quilt. Love all the Fig Tree Fabric lines.

  2. The pictures of both quilts look FABULOUS Michelle. I'm so happy they are both MINE!!! :)
    Thank you again.

  3. Beautiful quilts and I love your quilting job. No wonder Peggy is so happy! : )
    What fun to be able to meet with these quilting friends.
    Would love to see pictures of your next grand day out.

  4. I love that first quilt! The fabrics are so pretty! And your quilting on the second one is just perfect! :0)

  5. I'm sure Peggy loved those quilts with how nicely you quilted them. I guess if you are going up to Burlington on Friday, you won't be at Serendipity. Oh, well......NEXT time you go there, I can meet up with you. What did you buy yesterday?

  6. Anonymous2:00 PM

    How wonderful to quilt for your quilting friends!! Love it!

  7. Those quilts turned out beautiful! Love those quilting designs that you did, they are perfect for those quilts!


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