Thursday, September 22, 2011

Works in progress...

It's beginning to cool off slightly and tomorrow is the first day of fall....that combination makes me instantly ready for pumpkin stuff! LOL I love pumpkins...they are my favorite part of fall. I bought this runner kit a couple years ago and unfortunately, sat untouched for a while. I finally assembled it last year, but never finished the applique stitching. I'm determined to finish it this year!!! I have it up on the longarm, and I'm working on it here and there when I get a few minutes. I think it's turning out nicely!
This is my Snow Days block of the month from Crabapple Hill. This was a 15 month program that started last May, I think. I kept up pretty well with this one! I'm still unsure how I will quilt it, but I'm also hoping to have this one done before Christmas. (forgive the wrinkles...I didn't feel like heating up the iron) :P
You should be able to click the picture for a closer view. I really enjoyed the embroidery on this project. This is by far the biggest embroidery project I've completed.

I needed this project like I need a hole in my head...but I couldn't resist this block of the month. It's the Cotton Club by Marcus Brothers. I'm receiving mine from Craft Town Fabrics. The fabrics are beautiful turkey reds and brown Civil War repros. Anyone else doing this BOM?
Did anyone see the kitty feet in the picture above? I'm forever sharing my cutting table with one of the kitties. :)

Happy Quilting!


  1. I needed another project like a ole in my head too but I also am going to do the Cotton Club. I hope to get my first blocks made this weekend. The fabrics are just too beautiful! I love the extra little mini quilt pattern that came with it too.

  2. Kitties and quilting just seem to go hand in paw!
    Love your pumpkin pattern. Fall is my favorite! Beautiful cream and brown quilt top and your stitchery is great!
    I have been so good on my "no new projects" diet, but I feel my resistance slipping as I see all of the beautiful fall fabrics.

  3. Love the table runner. I bought the pattern last fall. Hope to make it one day soon.

    All your projects look wonderful. Way to go on the Crabapple Hill. I am currently doing one but the stitchery part is taking me forever. I have trouble putting aside my cross stitch and working on it with any conviction.

    Love the kitty parts. They do have a knack, don't they?


  4. Pumpkins are my all-time favorite decorating item. They are SUPPOSED to be fat and round, LOL! I have all my favorites out now. Your runner is fabulous.

  5. The pumpkin runner quilting is looking good! DARN...I meant to have you show me that Snow Days quilt top when I was at your place the other day. I love the idea of combining embroidered blocks with the pieced blocks and can't wait to see how you quilt it.

  6. So nice to see the Snow Days quilt top completed. I've enjoyed following the progress. Love it~

  7. Why is it always more fun to start a new project rather then finishing one up? lol Love the pumpkin wallhanging and the Snow Days is going to be a beauty for sure!

  8. Fall is my favorite time of year too! Love that pumpkin wagon, so cute!

    I'm anxious to see how you quilt that Snow Days. It is very pretty!

    Love that BOM! Civil War fabrics are my favorites. I just love them.

  9. Your Snow Days are STUNNING!!
    I have been visiting you from time to time just to see all of your beautiful work! :)
    I have been stitvhing/sewing on Snow Days too, and now it is finished!! You can see it in my blog ;)
    Have a nice sunday :))


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