Monday, October 10, 2011

Maine recap (warning....lotsa pictures!)

We had a wonderful trip to Maine! It was (almost) perfect weather and just beautiful scenery. It was a surprise to us that we were -early- to see fall colors...according to the info we had, we were there during "peak" times, but I guess it's just a late year.

I took LOTS and LOTS of pictures, but I picked just a few to share here, so you wouldn't get bored. :P

The evening we arrived, this was the view from our campsite. Instant relaxation!
Our campsite...
Oops...this is the next day. It rained....and rained....and rained...ALL DAY. It was miserable. The ground was so saturated, your feet just sank in to the mud. Miraculously, it was all dried up the next was still muddy, but no puddles.
A view from Popham State Park...we were on the hunt for lighthouses...
This one is called Doubling Point, if I recall correctly. It felt like we were on private property, but the grounds are open to the public. While we were there, the caretaker showed up and gave us a tour of the inside. He had some great information to share about the history of this lighthouse.
Another pretty view....
This was about all the fall colors we saw...
'Course, we had to stop at L.L. Bean...
One of L.L. original sewing machines. He used this to sew boots. Can you imagine?
Well, maybe not THIS boot....
Of course, I hunted down a quilt shop or two. The folks in this shop were super friendly and they had a nice selection of fabrics and patterns.
Burkholder's Fabrics is actually in Pennsylvania....we stopped here on the trip home. If you are ever in this area, you must stop here. They have TONS of fabric and excellent prices.
My purchases from the two shops. :)
And for those of you wondering if I finished the binding on those three quilts? Yes!! I did!! Woohoo!! This first quilt is for Quilts of Valor....someone in our quilt guild pieced the top and I did the quilting and binding.
This quilt is an oldie, but goodie. Peggy, Robin and I swapped these box blocks a few years back and somewhere along the line, I put the top together. Just recently, I added the border and finally got it quilted. I quilted it with freehand flowers and swirls. I'm not sure who the recipient will be of this quilt....maybe me? :)
Just another's very colorful!
And the third quilt is this tablerunner/wallhanging. I'm not sure what I want it to be! If it's on the wall, I can gaze at it fully.
But it fits my coffeetable nicely too....
Anybody still with me? That was a lot of pictures! LOL Hope you enjoyed them!

I'm doing some quilting this week, so stay tuned for those pictures too!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Awesome! Love it!

  2. You got to go to Burkholders. I'm green with envy. In a good way. I just ordered fabric from them last week. Very nice projects! The tablerunner is darling.

  3. I'm with you all the way! Loved it all. We were in New England 3 years ago on Columbus Day and the colors were at their peak--just a weird weather year this year.
    Don't you love the "Late Bloomers" charm pack? I just bought a couple and am debating about which pattern to use with them.
    Beautiful quilts! I especially love the table runner/wall hanging. Looks good either way!

  4. What beautiful scenery... what a lovely trip! A visit to LLBean, quilt shops... sounds perfect to me!

  5. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures! I just love that lighthouse! And I love your pumpkin tablerunner too! It looks like it was made for your coffee table! :0)

  6. Seeing the beauty of the East Coast is on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing. Love the pumpkin runner. It looks great on your coffee table.

  7. Very good photos, and love the pumpkin quilt. It looks great on the coffee table, but would look fabulous at MY house, too. Let me know if you need my address. ;)

  8. Great post! Love your photos of Maine. I visited Maine in the summer years ago and just loved it. Beautiful coastline. Went to LL also. It was way before I started quilting so I think I need to go back & check out the shops LOL! Love your goodies from your travels too:)

  9. Saw your post a couple of days ago but knew I'd need a few extra minutes to enjoy the pictures. It was worth the wait~ Beautiful pictures. Love the pumpkin tablerunner on the coffee table.

  10. What fun! Thank you for sharing...loved all the pics!! :)

  11. Did Miles buy anything in Burkholder's?? LOL We might go there on our quilt trip...not sure yet. We did go there last year,and it was really nice!


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