Monday, October 31, 2011

More Lil Twister

I recently made a table topper with the Lil Twister templates.  I had to wait to show you because it was a gift for my sister's birthday.  I really loved this technique and I'm already planning my next project!

For my sister's runner, I used a charm pack called "Looking Back" by Moda.  Love it!  I actually have a second pack, I may just have to make another one for myself.  :)

In case you've never seen how these templates are used, I took some step by step pictures to share.  First thing, you sew all the squares together and add a border.  It really could be called the "Twice Sewn" quilt, because you really are sewing it twice!  It's all worth it in the end though,,,

Next...and this took a bit of courage....start cutting.  The templates have nice, strong gripping feet on the four corners, so you don't have to worry much about slipping...

Keep cutting at each 4 corner intersection.  There are lines on the template, which makes it super easy to know exactly what angle to place it...

Almost done...cutting the last row...

Look what's left after cutting all the squares.  Never fear...we'll be finding a use for those left over scraps...

I didn't get a close up of a square cut with the template, but here are all the squares cut and lined back up.  Love those pinwheels!!

A great seams to match!

and Voila! no time at all, they are all sewn up!

Add a second border, quilt, bind, and done!  Love it!  I love charm packs and doesn't this seem like a great way to showcase all those pretty fabrics?

Oh and remember that left over fabric? true Bonnie style, I cut them all up in to 2" squares and added them to my leader/ender box.  They will definitely be put to good use!

Have you made a project with the Lil Twister?  I also bought the Twister ruler for using with layer cakes...hmmm, I think I see one of those in my future.  :)

Happy Quilting!


  1. I don't have the templates, but I LOVE this little quilt...I may have to invest in a set of them. :)

  2. It looks fabulous! It is amazing what a simple twist and cut can make with the squares.

  3. Just lovely! I've made one quilt using the Twister. I gave it away and really should make ME one! How did you quilt yours?

  4. I get it--like twice baked potatoes, so much better than the plain old spuds. The advantage of this "twice" is there are no calories involved!!
    I have the template, but have never used it. I love yours--my kind of fabrics. Makes me want to get mine out, but I have a deadline to meet today--get a top assembled and ready for the quilter by days end--throw in some Halloween activities with family and I'll be lucky to make it!

  5. I love that runner! I need to make one, and soon!

  6. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Hola! That is awesome and love the step by step instructions! Love ya!

  7. I love your table topper! Nice step by steps pics too.

  8. Michelle, I love this! I got a Lil' Twister with some birthday money -- I can see it will (eventually) be put to good use!! :)

  9. I love these Lil Twisters and yours came out great! :0)

  10. Your sister will love your runner, it is beautiful! Don't you just love the Lil' Twister? Thanks for taking a look at mine too!

  11. It looks awesome! I have been wanting to try this.

  12. Looks wonderful! I just bought the itty bitty Lil' Twister pattern. You pics make it easier to figure out.


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