Monday, December 19, 2011

Orca Bay and other stuff....

I can't seem to squeeze much blogging time in this month...but that's to be expected I guess.  Lots of other stuff going on for everyone right now.  I think I finally have -most- of my Christmas to-do list checked off and I think this week and next will be fairly relaxing.  :)  

I was able to get a few units from Step 5 of the Orca Bay mystery completed.  I really liked Bonnie's tip of keeping the chain in tact while pressing.  It gives just a little tension when ironing or something, but makes it easy to just pick up the corner and run the iron under it.  After they are all ironed, I clip them apart.

I think I have about twice as many completed from what is shown in this picture...probably about 100.  Still a long ways to go!!

For those of you wondering...I did finish step 4!  Woohoo!  I really enjoyed making the string blocks.  I like how they look like a cross in this picture.  :)  It wasn't intentional...just the angle of the camera made the one side look longer.  And the reds are much prettier in person...I couldn't get a picture that captured the red just right.  Same with my ironing board cover in the pictures above.  What is up with RED??  

Whiskers was happy to keep my strings warm while I wasn't using them.  Isn't she helpful?  I love how Smokey is peeking inside..."Hey, how come she gets to sleep in there?"

Another project I accomplished last week were these candy gifts for my husband's coworkers.  I found these cute little dishes on clearance at Michael's for under $2!  I'm thinking they must have been leftover from last year or something...why were they already on clearance?  For whatever reason...they were perfect for what I needed...

I filled each one with some homemade candy (buckeyes and noodle candy) and added a few kisses for color.  :)

I had found small gift cellophane bags that were meant for baskets, but they worked perfect for these too.  I added a glittery bow and voila!   

Zach is home from school and we spent some time this weekend working on a Christmas puzzle.  I've always loved puzzles, but there always seems to be an excuse for not getting one out and working on it...mainly space.  We worked on this one on our dining room table, which isn't the most convenient, but it was worth it because of the time spent together.

Here is the reward for all our hard work...isn't it cute?

Until next time....Happy Quilting!


  1. Oh, Michelle, I love those little candy dishes all filled and ready to give. So cute!! And I grew up with a puzzle on a card table at Christmastime. My Mom still does one. I've always thought about putting one up, but have only actually followed through a couple of times. That is a fun puzzle!

  2. Great-looking puzzle. We've not done one in awhile and I'd like to do one soon. What are noodle candies? (Guess I should stop being lazy and "google" it, huh? LOL)

  3. What a cute puzzle!!!!

    I love your little candy dishes. That was a great price for them too.

  4. WOW! Congrats on staying with the Orca Mystery. That's lots and lots of sewing...while attending to Christmas festivities. Our family puts a puzzle up during the holidays, too.

  5. all of your activities to stay on top, busy household. Cute puzzle. Love the little candy dishes filled with your homemade treat. Merry Christmas.

  6. Love your header, Michelle! The candy dishes look so cute. I love to do puzzles, too, but it isn't as easy as it used to be. (older eyes?)
    Merry Christmas!

  7. You have indeed been busy! While I'm not participating in the Orca Bay mystery, I am following along, enjoying others' work, and your parts are looking very nice~neat how the pic made the reds look like a cross :). Great idea with the candy dishes, and I love the snowman puzzle...and it got finished!!


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