Monday, February 06, 2012

Orca Bay Link Up and Weekend in Lancaster, PA

I hope you aren't tired of seeing posts about Orca is the last link up day on Quiltville's Quips & Snips, so I thought I'd just share one last picture since the binding is finished.  I REALLY love this quilt!   I love the colors, the pattern...just everything!  :)

I love the polka dot fabric I had in my stash to use for the binding...Yay!  I still plan to make a label for this, so I really need to put that on a "must do" list.  Be sure to check out Bonnie's blog for a link up to other finished Orca Bay quilts...there are some color combinations.

This weekend I attended a longarm training expo...which was amazing!  I learned so much and came home with some awesome ideas I can't wait to try.  Conveniently enough, the expo was held in Lancaster, PA....which is practically the quilting capital of the world!  There are soooo many wonderful quilt shops located in that area, it's mind boggling.

A friend and a local longarmer, Lisa, and I drove up early on Friday so we'd have some extra time to do our own little shop hop.  Oh was so fun, and really a bit overwhelming!  LOL  I really didn't -need- anything.  I had one or two things on a list...and do you think I found those two things?  NO!  :P

I found plenty of other things can you pass up these prices?  Our first stop was Sauder' you see that price?  $3.89/yard!  They had bolts and bolts of fabric $2.99 and up...and good fabric too!

 Next stop was Burkholders...their prices are a bit higher, but still some bargains to be found.  That bundle of 25 fat quarters there....$25!  The black floral and the coordinating green is for a tote bag I want to make, the three fabric on top of the green is from the "Late Bloomers" line to go with a charm pack I have.  Also some black FQs, and 99cent remnants....OH and the best part?  20% coupon off most everything purchased! (FQ pack was already discounted, so it wasn't included in the coupon)

The next stop was Zook's...a bought a few neutrals that were only $5.79/yd.  I can always use neutrals.  I don't remember why I bought that blue...LOL.  It must have been a good price.  :)

Just about across the street from Zook's, is The Old Country Store...It's a beautiful shop, with fabrics and lovely gifty items.  Their prices are cheaper than average quilt shop prices ($7-8/yd), but I was beginning to feel overwhelmed and knew I just did not need to buy any more fabric!  Then I saw these little scrap bags of really, do I really need to buy someone else's scraps?  Yep, apparently I do.  :P

A block or two down the street, we went to one last shop...called Bitty Kinna's.  Again...beautiful shop with decent prices, but my eyes just crossed when I looked at the fabric.  LOL  I did manage to pick up a few clearance FQ's...

By this time, we were "full of shopping" and it was time to go check in to the hotel/expo anyway.  It was a great shopping day!

Of course, there was a bit more shopping to do at the expo...this time a few supplies for my longarm.  Thread, bobbins, rulers....  FUN!!

 Whew!  That was quite a few pics...

Happy Quilting!


  1. And quite a bit of fun! Wow, wish I could hit that many shops so close together!! I understand the mind-numbing effect of it all. The first time I went on a shop hop and hit 15 stores in one day (over a 100 mile spread from the first to the last) I was on auto-pilot after a while. Couldn't even focus. : )
    You found some great bargains! And yes, we can ALWAYS use someone else's scraps. They are more fun than our own!!

  2. I'm glad you had such a nice time. Jackie Herbert told me she taught a ruler/template class this weekend up there. I know how you felt when you said you get to the point of being overwhelmed and can hardly make yourself look...let alone buy...much more fabric. It happens to us every time we go up to that area! :)

  3. Looks like you got some great deals! And your Orca Bay quilt is fabulous! :0)

  4. What fun! Makes me want to go to Lancaster.Several of those stores you mentioned, I've been in :)

  5. I wanna go! I can't believe that we never gotta chance to go to these place when I was there! Waaaaa!

  6. I've never been there, but I can recognize a bargain, and I recognized several of the shop names. What a fun trip, and your Orca Bay is not only lovely but 'done'.

  7. Hi Michelle,

    It was great meeting you last weekend at the Birds of a Feather Retreat. I am happy to have another local blog to add to my reading list!

    I live about 40 minutes from Zooks and The Country Store and it is dangerous!

  8. Great Orca Bay! I'm so impressed yours is all done and quilted too! Sounds like a wonderful time in Lancaster.

  9. Love your Orca Bay and all your personal shop hopping goodies!!! That part of PA needs quilters' wallet warning signs OH MY! Sounds like your long arm expo was a great learning experience. I love seeing your quilted quilts.

  10. Your Orca Bay looks beautiful, I like the way you quilted it! Lancaster sounds like a quilter's dream town! Love all the goodies!


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