Friday, February 17, 2012

Snow Days and Blogger Stuff

As promised, here is a picture of my Snow Days quilt.  This is an embroidery pattern by Crabapple Hill and was a block of the month that I started in 2010.  I so enjoyed the embroidery process...and hope I find the time to start working on another embroidery project again soon!
The bonus of a block of a month...someone else chooses the fabric!  Some of these were definitely  fabrics I would have never chosen on my own.  It was nice to step out of my box!

I quilted it with a design called "Blowin' Wind" and used an Omni thread called Pearl White.  I know some are surprised I quilted right over the embroidery stitches, but I think it turned out perfect!

Love the texture!

These little images are my favorite...the kids playing in the snow and building snowmen....

...or sliding down the hill (I don't know why this one is turned!  just tilt your head a little.  :P)

The churches are pretty cool too....

I just love them all!

So....a couple things about Blogger and some changes they've made recently.  The word verification has gotten more difficult to read and more time consuming when trying to leave comments.  I took the lead from a fellow blogger and turned the word verification "OFF" for now.  If I find I get horribly spammed, I might add it back at a later date.  I know my blog reading time is REALLY limited and I know everyone else's time is limited too.  I don't want to spend the few minutes I have trying to figure out those stinkin' words!  I love to get comments, but I've noticed I've been getting less and less and wonder if that's because of the annoying time it takes to complete the word verification.

Secondly....have you noticed there is a change in the way you can view the pictures?  When you "clicked" a picture before, you used to get a larger image.  You could even click it again and it would zoom in even more.  I really liked that feature!  But...then it switched to a photo-viewer type of format, which is nice to see ALL the pictures at once, but you couldn't really get a close up view of anything.  Maybe it's just me and my old eyes...  BUT...I found out that is an option!  I turned that photo-viewing option "OFF" and now you can click and double click the pictures to get a really close up view again.  Go ahead, try it up there on one of those embroidery pictures...I'll wait. :)  

Are you back?  Isn't that better??  If you have a's up to you how you want your settings.  I just thought I'd share that you do have the option to change things if you aren't happy with Blogger's changes.

I'm still not sure if I like the new interface...I switch back to the old sometimes, make changes, then come back to the new interface.  I think the new interface is easier to upload pictures, but the pictures get corrupted more frequently.  So...I'm not really sure if it's better after all!  Sigh....

Anyway...hope you all have a wonderful President's Day weekend!!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Blogger stuff, definitely don't like the photo viewer, but can't find the setting to turn off. SOS! I've never had word verification and don't get spammed either. Good luck!

    Now more important stuff, like that fabulous quilt! I love, love it! You are really making that long arm sing and dance, great job!

  2. I turned off my word verification yesterday and haven't been spammed yet. But then it doesn't really matter because I approve all comments. As far as the blogger interface, I use the old one because it's what I'm used to. The new one stresses me out.

    BTW...your Snowy Days looks fabulous. What's next?

  3. thanks so much for that tip about the photos. I didn't like the change but didn't know I could "undo" it. I will try that on my blog. I really love your quilt and was glad to see the close ups/ya just gotta see the work close up, expecially the embroidery. Your quilt is just beautiful!!! (although I didn't really need to get close up to know that)hehe

  4. Your quilt is just darling, darling! I love it. I turned my word verification off about a year ago and have had not the first problem. There were two spam comments, but blogspot filtered them both so they were never pubic. I hope more people follow your lead and turn it off -- it used to be a mild inconvenience ... now it's a headache! :)

  5. Thanks for also noticing how hard the word verifications were getting. I DO get spam on my new blog even with that...not sure why. I might try turning it off and take my chances.

    I LOVE the finish. I'm working on a Crab Apple piece, too. It's been years in the making, though. I'd rather cross stitch, I think. However I'm drawn to the mix of embroidery and quilting.


  6. Thanks, Michelle. I really don't like that photo viewer format. Will try and see if I can figure out how to change it. Your quilt must be absolutely amazing 'in person'. Thanks again for a great post.

  7. As a blog reader, I thank you for letting me see the photos enlarged. I want to actually see the great projects posted and Flickr and the new photo viewer don't allow me to. As for the new word verification, I have two words they could use ....

  8. I turned the word verification off on my blog, too. So irritating!
    I'm glad you told us about the photo option. I also prefer the old way. I'll have to change that on my settings, too.
    Love the fun, snowy quilt. Very nice job, and I don't see the problem quilting right over the stitchery. : )

  9. Thanks for the blogger tips! I'm gonna make those changes too! Miss you bunches!

  10. I've enjoyed watching your Snow Days quilt develop into a beautiful work of art.

  11. I turned off the word verification too,but I didn't know you could change the way the pictures are viewed. Now I need to figure out how to do that. Thanks for the info! Love your quilt, such soft and pretty colors.

  12. Love the Snow Days Michelle!!

  13. LOVE your quilt. HATE the new word verification system. I turned my word verification off ages ago and haven't had any trouble so far. How did you fix your blog so we can see the photos enlarged again?

  14. I hopped your way today from Janet, the Rogue Quilter. I love this embroidery BOM project. Cool, elegant, a gorgeous project.

    Same request as Pat above. Please tell me how to get rid of the slideshow version. I want photos that can be enlarged. I miss that SO MUCH! Do I have to revert to the old version? Is this something that I'll be changing in my posts or my viewing of other posts?
    I eliminated my 2-word verification. Life is too short to waste time trying to read and copy melting, fuzzy words. I'll take my chances with spam.

  15. Your Snow Days quilt is awesome! I agree about the word verification being a pain. Thanks for the tip about the pictures. I'll have to check that out.

  16. Love your Snow Days quilt. If I ever get Hocuspocusville done, I am adding this one to my list:) I just turned the WV off on my blog and hopefully that will help things.


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