Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bonnie...Day 3!!

I was pooped last night after a long day of fun at the Cathedral Stars workshop...I didn't have the energy to post pictures when I got home.  I know I just keep saying it...but it was just sooooo much fun!  If you ever get a chance to take one of Bonnie's it!  You won't be disappointed.  

So, here are I am...with my BFF Bonnie.  We're just chattin'...talking about quilts.  
Yeah, that's how we roll. :P

Soon it was time to get to work....there are lots of different parts in this quilt, so Bonnie had lots of demos to share.  The pattern uses the Tri Rec tools...which are awesome for making those "Peaky and Spike" star points.  Totally worth the $$ and makes sewing the block so much easier!

Bonnie used one of the gal's Featherweights to sew up a block and show us how simple they go together!

See how perfect?  :)

 Here is the infamous Hexie quilt!  It's even more impressive in person!  Just gorgeous.

 This is Carrie's Cathedral Stars....she came to the workshop even though she'd already made the quilt!  Now that's a die hard fan!

Here are the blocks I assembled.  I have the parts assembled for more, but this is as far as I got for complete blocks.  Seems like I should have more to show for an all day workshop...but there is lots of time spent making the four patches and the star points, etc.  Even though I had pre-cut most of my fabrics, I was still pushing it to get this much done!  Oh...maybe it was all that chatting with my new BFF (see picture above).  :P

Here's a funny story.  Sunday night I posted pictures from the first workshop and Pam, who stops by my blog occasionally, sends me a message and says, "Oh, there is my friend Robin.  She took the class too."  I'm thinking?  What?  Who?  So we emailed back and forth and she tells me that her friend Robin came down from upstate New York just to see Bonnie!  So the next night at guild meeting, I plop myself down to get ready to hear Bonnie and the gal next to me introduces herself as a guest, and that she and her husband came down for a few days so she could come to the workshops.  I said, "Are you Robin?"  She looked at me like I had horns coming out of my head.  LOL  I filled her in that her friend Pam spotted her on my blog....and now here we were sitting next to each other.  Isn't that crazy that we would end up sitting next to each other in a room of 100 people?!  We were meant to meet for sure!  Here we are at Tuesday's workshop...  Quilters are the find friends when you least expect it!

And to end the day...dinner out at McGlynn's Pub in Dover.

Thank you Bonnie for a wonderful, memorable three days!  It was great fun to spend time with current friends and to make new friends too!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Really enjoyed your wonderful posts, Michelle.
    Have you got that picture framed and on the wall yet?

  2. What a wonderful time, Michelle. Thanks for letting me live it vicariously! Love the photo of you and your new BFF chatting over a quilt! : )

  3. Much fun being had this week, and the projects are stunning!

  4. Love reading your blog!! So happy that you got to be with your bff!!

  5. I'm glad you got to go, it sounds like you certainly did have fun!!!

  6. Well, hey there Robin! Can't wait until you get home so I can hear your version of the retreat. I swear I'm not jealous. Really, I'm not jealous, I'm not jeal....


  7. Back to reality now :)

    Glad all the anticipation of Bonnie's visit was worth it for you and glad you had a good time.


  8. Someday...someday! So glad you enjoyed you classes.

  9. OMGoodness Michelle, I have been so out of the blog exciting that you got to meet Bonnie! I watch her on Quilt Cam and I can almost hear her voice in your photos! I'm thankful that I know someone who knows someone "famous"!!!


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