Monday, April 30, 2012

Quilt Square Quilt Along and Bonus Triangles

Here is my progress on the Oklahoma Backroads workshop that I took with Bonnie Hunter last week.  I have 20 blocks complete...only 100 or so more to go!  :P

One idea Bonnie presented was "bonus triangles."  This isn't a new idea to me, but it's one that I was never too excited about.  It seemed to take a lot of extra time (it does)...and I wasn't sure the time and effort would be worth it.

She pointed out that a couple of her quilts in her newest book "Scraps & Shirtails 2" were made almost entirely from these bonus triangles.  Hmmm...that had my interest a little more.  She also shared a way to make those triangles a size that plays well with other size squares and rectangles.  I decided I'd give it a try for this project since I would be making a large amount of those "half" flying geese blocks above.

I'm going to show you the technique for making 2" unfinished triangles from a 2.5" unfinished flying geese unit.  First, find a business card that is 2" high and cut a 2" square from one side.

 Next cut the square on the diagonal to make two triangles.

Now draw TWO lines on your 2.5" down the center and one with the business card triangle place in the corner.  (click image for a closer view)

 Sew along both lines...I sew just inside the center line for better results....

Cut between the two sewn lines.  Don't fret about the smaller seam allowance!  According to Bonnie, it's going to be okay!!  The seam is's not going to come apart or anything.  If you sew 1/2" away from the center line (in order to have 1/4" seam allowance), you'll end up with a HST that is about 1 3/4"...and that dimension doesn't play well with anything else!

Press both pieces and viola!  

 Before long, you'll have a pile of HST like this!  This isn't even all of them....

Look what I made from 90 bonus triangles!!  This is the Quilt Square Quilt Along block for April.  How perfect is that?  My block is a little bigger than the pattern, because my triangles are bigger, but I think that's okay, right?  I love it.  I added a small border and I'm going to finish it for a pretty table topper.  Or maybe I want it to be a wall hanging?  Hmm....decisions, decisions....

Be sure to check out Jo's Country Junction on Tuesday for more Quilt Square Quilt Along blocks.  It was quilter's choice this month, so there are a couple other cute designs to see!


  1. I started working on OK Backroads... and I think I missed the part where a light square goes in the opposite corners.... Might have to do some froggin' of my blocks.

    Yours are looking lovely!!

  2. Ha! Now you won't be able to throw those little pieces away again - it's a sickness :)

  3. Oooo.... you've been caught! You'll never be able to throw out a scrap of fabric no matter how small!


    Your Okla Backroads is looking good!

  4. Your QSQA block looks great, Michelle!

  5. Your Oklahoma Backroads is a scrappy beauty, but your little Quilt Square just stole my heart! Love it!!

  6. I love your Oklahoma Backroads. My block that is like yours was also made with bonus triangles, actually all the block so far for the quilt along that have triangles in them were made with bonus triangles from originally 2" pieces. It's such a joy to start a project and feel like I am ahead.

  7. Your bonus blocks are so sweet! I do this too, but I'm just hoarding them for an Ocean Waves on my bucket list.

  8. It's fabulous...I love it! What a bonus!

  9. Isn't Bonnie a wonderful teacher? Your quilt is looking great already. Keep making those blocks. Your little pouch is really cute, too. Congrats on winning the Aurifil thread.


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