Sunday, June 03, 2012

A little switcheroo!

We decided to switch things up a little around here.  We live in base housing, so space is a premium  for sure!  We were offered the chance to move in to a bigger house on the next street over...but after contemplating all the expense and hassle of moving, we decided to stay put and just switch things up a little.  We move enough as it is with the military...we don't need to voluntarily move for no reason.  :P

We did come up with idea of switching the longarm in to a different room to give me a little more space.  My longarm has been in about a 14' x 14' room off the kitchen, which is technically a "family room."  In order to use the longarm, I have to move my sewing machine table and cutting table out of the way and pull the longarm out from the wall.  Not the most convenient thing, but since this house is only temporary, I could deal with it.  We decided to switch up the living room and family room space.

This is sort of what the room with the longarm looked like before...I didn't have the chance to take a more current picture, so this is a picture from the set up day.

And this is what it looks like now!!

This is what our living room looked like "before."
And this is what it looks like now!

Look at that great space and light!!

Smokey looks like he enjoys stretching out in the bigger space....

I even had time left over today to sew a little.  This quilt is Thimbleberries Hometown Christmas.  Thanks to a UFO challenge with my local guild, I need to try and get it done by the end of July!  Think I can make it?

 Happy Quilting! 


  1. Oh yeah, looks like you have much more "move around" room now. Looks great! The living room looks perfect and comfy too!! Good Job T & M.........luv ya!


  2. Of course you can make it! : )
    I like the switcheroo you pulled. The new arrangement looks great!

  3. Anonymous2:00 AM

    I know about base housing and moving- we are a retired Navy family! Mary Ann

  4. Wow! What a difference.... so much more room for you and your new living room looks oh so comfy!

    Don't blame you for not moving to larger digs... what a pain in the kazoo that would be!

  5. I wondered how you fit a long arm in military housing. It looks great. My sewing room is in the basement. :(

  6. Looks great, Michelle. Great post - like a lovely visit to your house. Enjoy your 'new' bigger space.

  7. Awesome! You can use your long arm now, easily! We are in a similar way I have space for a long arm, so I will just drool over yours!

  8. Very cool that you have more space now for your long arm and more light!

  9. Love it and the new family area looks very cozy.


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