Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Lots of quilting!

I have been keeping busy with quilting the last few days and thought I'd share some pics.  I'm so pleased with how each of these quilts turned out!

This one was quilted a week or so's a mystery quilt that a few of us from our guild did together.  I am sooo happy with how this turned out.  This one is a gift for a special someone for their 16th birthday.  :)

See those cute little dragonflies in the purple fabric?

This dragonfly quilting design was the perfect match!  (click the picture for a closer view!)  The back is really a pretty lavender, but the camera just couldn't capture the color!

 This string quilt is a Quilts of Valor assembled by my Wednesday night quilting group. 

I quilted it with a design called "Seaweed," and I think it looks like flags waving...

I used a soft flannel on the back...super cozy!!

This blue and orange quilt is actually a gift for a Florida Gator almost need sunglasses when looking at it!  This baby is colorful!  LOL

It has fun Florida Gators on the back....

I have the scraps leftover after trimming the quilt...anyone interested in them?  There are two strips about 4" wide and the big strip is about 8" wide, all are about 60-70" long (the sides and bottom trimmed off the back of the quilt).  The first person to contact me saying they would like them, gets 'em!

Remember we moved around the furniture?  I don't think the animals mind one bit, do you?  They look pretty content....

Hope you all are having a great week!  Happy Quilting!


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  2. Como um presente ou para comprar?

  3. I love the purple mystery quilt and the dragonfly quilting design is perfect.
    That is a beautiful QOV project. The seaweed design was a good choice for it.
    Your "Gator Fan" quilt turned out beautifully! Always such nice work, Michelle!

  4. Love the dragonfly quilting! The blue and white quilt looks great.

  5. A lady at our church has kids who are going to school in Florida and she is always talking Florida Gators...wonder if I could make something small for her with those scraps. I have a quilt (for me....nothing fancy) that I'll have you rush. And...we need to get you two down here to Nicola's soon!!!

  6. Wow! You have been busy! Love the quilting on them all. I do love that purple quilt best! LOVE IT!

  7. The purple quilt is beautiful! I love the dragonfly fabric! :0)

  8. Boy, you have been busy....they all turned out beautiful....the purple one is going to be a big hit!


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