Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Quilt Square Quilt Along

Here is September's Quilt Square Quilt Along mini.  I'm going to donate it to our Guild Quilt Show for their mini-quilt auction.  You can see the whole QSQA parade over at Jo's Country Junction

I also finished this halloween table topper...I just love the stripe-y binding!  This is going to a very special person...but I'm not saying who!   :)

Hope you all have a wonderful week!  Yay for October!

Happy Quilting,
Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This has been one summer that I'll be glad to see's been an eventful one for us.  You of those seasons of life where curveball after curveball is thrown at you?  But through it all, God was in control and we knew He would be faithful and bring us through!  The truth is, we are incredibly blessed and fortunate and we know that no matter what, we will be okay.  

I haven't spent much time sewing or blogging this summer and I hope that will soon change too!  I miss reading my favorite blogs and keeping up with all of you.  

I did finish the binding on my Pineapple quilt.  I love, love, love it!  I think I've mentioned before, the blocks were made with Gyleen Fitgerald's pineapple template.  It's awesome!  If you haven't had a chance to try must!

I was so pleased with my corners...I just altered the block to fit.  :)

There is still a lot going on in our house over the next few months, including sending this guy off to his first active duty assignment.  Our son, Zach, will begin pilot training next week!  Such mixed emotions I have...he has worked so hard to achieve this accomplishment, but it also means, he's truly out on his own and starting his own life and career.  So far, we've racked up 27 years as a military family, and to think of the years and experiences that lay ahead of's just almost too much to grasp.  God bless, son!  I am proud beyond words.  You will do great!

We also have some traveling coming up and I have TWO quilt retreats this fall...I will do my best to stay connected with all my blogging buddies!

Happy Quilting!
Monday, September 03, 2012

Pineapple Quilt

The pineapple quilt is -almost- finished!  I added the borders and it's all quilted!  The binding is sewn to the front now too, though these pictures don't show that.

I sewed and sewed 1.5" strips and added a 5" border.  I was a little stumped for the corners, but finally this idea hit me.  I had to alter the pineapples a little to fit, but I'm happy with the results!

I quilted it with a simple design call "Curlz."  I figured the swirls and curls would soften the graphic-ness of the pineapple edges.  It's quilted with a bright gold thread called "barley," but it really just blends into the scrappy fabrics.  I auditioned many thread colors and I think almost anything would just blend away.  I love this gold thread though...

I also found two 2-yard pieces of fabric in my stash for the backing.  I love making pieced backings and using up fabric from my stash.  I remember buying both of these fabrics used on the back from the clearance rack at a local quilt shop.  Instead of just sewing the two pieces together, I cut one in half lengthwise for a little added interest.

I'd say 95% of the fabric for this quilt came right out of my stash!  I am always adding "interesting" neutrals to my stash, so that's where the other 5% comes from.  I love to look in clearance bins for unusual FQs to cut up for my scrap quilts.  :)

This entire quilt top is made using 1.5" strips...why does it look as though my 1.5" strip bin is fuller than ever?  LOL

A couple weeks ago, I worked a little ahead and got my two Scrappy Stars sewn up for Terry's Sew Along.    Now I have four of them....Love these stars!  They feel hugemongous after sewing those tiny pieces from the Quilt Square Quilt Along blocks.  :P

 Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful Labor Day holiday.  I am still in shock that it is already September...but I'm ready.  Bring on the Fall!!

Happy Quilting!
Saturday, September 01, 2012

Quilt Square Quilt Along and other stuff.....

I've been new posts since August 7th??!!  I have no good excuse either...just life and the distractions that come with it.  This has been a year with incredible ups and downs for our family and this last month was no exception.  I'll be glad to see the month of August torn off the calendar!

I did get a bit of sewing accomplished.  I finished my Quilt Square Quilt Along block:

You can see the parade of blocks over at Jo's Country Junction.

I'm also working on my pineapple quilt.   This project was started in January 2011, so it's not -that- old, but I'm happy to see it coming off the UFO list.  :)  I was motivated as it was my UFO Challenge project for our guild AND I taught a workshop for this pineapple technique for our guild as well.  The blocks are made from Gyleen Fitzgerald's Pineapple Template/Ruler.  They are sooo easy to make and tons of fun.  I just have the borders left to do....

Happy Quilting!