Monday, October 15, 2012

Disappearing 4 Patch

Some of you asked how I made this disappearing 4 patch quilt:

I had thought I would make up a quickie tutorial...and then I saw this posted on Facebook:

So, I figured why reinvent the wheel?  The only difference is I cut my lines 1.25" from the center, but I think I like the skinnier strip better.  You can really use any size square and cut any size strip.  Have fun!


  1. I'm going to be making one of those with the new charm squares I just bought! :0)

  2. Very fun idea, Michelle! Your quilt turned out beautifully. I can't decide if I like the smaller or larger strip best.
    I had seen disappearing 9-patch, but not this 4-patch method.

  3. That's for posting the tutorial that you found. I will have to try this someday. Love your quilt!

  4. We made this block for our QCU Club (formerly Moda U) tonight! I love your blocks in purple!

  5. Ah -- great share, Michelle -- thank you!! Because it is a great block!! (And I do love those purples!) :)


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