Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pick a Pocket Tote

 Do you do Pinterest?  I know some people are just hooked!  I'd say I'm a moderate user...weeks will go by when I don't look at it, then something will spark my interest, so I'll go surfing on the page a little.  I never fail to find something I *love* and just have to make or bake.  :)  It really is a great place to find recipes, decorating ideas, and inspiration!

I needed a quickie gift idea and came across this simple tote/purse that someone had "pinned."  The great thing is that it linked back to the free pattern on All People Quilt!  Here is the Pattern.

It's a bit smaller than I was thinking, but it's still a decent size for a project bag, book bag, or lunch bag...

The direction say it measures 8" x 10".  It went together really quick and easy...probably 2 hours tops, and that included cutting the fabrics.  I wish the pictures were better, it's cloudy today and my house seems dark. :/

Happy Quilting!


  1. That is really pretty!

  2. Michele, we truly are twins separated at birth. Look at my blog! I made one of these last week...exact same pattern!

  3. When I saw the picture of your tote I thought I had seen it somewhere else recently--and I don't do Pinterest, so that wasn't it. Then I read Joan's comment. THAT was it--I saw it on her blog! I do like it. Great that it makes up so quickly. Well, anyway, it did for you. I'm sure I could manage to complicate it and take forever. : )

  4. Love your bag! I've made a bunch of those and I always wanted to try to enlarge it and make a bigger one.

  5. that's what you are doing today!! Who is the quickie gift for? Good job as usual, it's very nice!! (luv u)


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