Saturday, October 27, 2012

Quilting, Retreat, and Sandy, oh my!

Most likely, you've heard about Sandy...she's coming whether we want her to or not.  Just how bad she'll hit is still up in the air.

We live in military base housing that happens to be in a flood zone and it's looking like we will have mandatory evacuations.  We went through this last year with Irene, but thankfully we didn't have any flooding.  I'm hoping for the same thing this time around.

So, as luck would have it, I have a quilting retreat scheduled for this coming week!  Perfect timing, right?  My husband has to stay and support the operations on base during and after the storm, so I'll continue as planned to the retreat.  I'll be out of the flood threatened areas, but we'll still be in the path of the storm in Pennsylvania.  We're hoping there won't be any power outages, etc.  Can't run my sewing machine without electricity, now can I?  I'm actually getting to go a day early to the retreat due to the evacuation.  What a bum deal, right?  An extra day of retreat?     

I've also been doing LOTS of quilting the last couple of days!  I can't show you all of them, but I can show you this one....

It's a Tshirt quilt and it's adorable!  I think she did a great job with assembly and picking the fabrics.  Since it has a girl scout theme, I quilted it with daisies because the first step of Girl Scouts is Daisy Scouts!

 I think it turned out awesome!

I'll have internet at the retreat, so maybe I'll be able to post about my progress and long as we are able to keep power throughout the storm.  The retreat is in the heart of Amish country, so I anticipate some fabric shopping in my future!  :)

Hope you all have a great week...and if you are in the path of the storm, get prepared and stay safe!

Happy Quilting! 


  1. Nice that you already had a place arranged to stay during your evacuation, but I am sorry that DH has to stay behind. Praying for safety for all in the storm path. Hope you have power throughout your retreat. That would be a bummer if you couldn't sew. Do you have a hand stitch project that can go along in case?

  2. Have a wonderful retreat!! I'll be crossing my fingers that you don't lose power. Very cute T-shirt quilt and great quilting job!!

  3. An extra day at the retreat...Thank you "Sandy". I'm working on a t-shirt quilt for my sister. Doesn't look as nice as this one.. It's my first attempt.Love the quilting you did on it.

  4. Where in PA are you coming? IF you need a place to stay, we have an extra bed.

  5. This storm has uprooted a lot of folks ... hope the storm damages in your area are minimal ... and that you have a marvelous time on retreat, too!!! :)


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