Monday, November 12, 2012

30 Thankful Days -- Day 12

Day 12 -- I'm thankful for my sister!

She is my best friend, even though many miles separate us and we don't see each other as often as we'd like.  She is an amazing woman, wife, mother, sister, and friend.  I love you Jenn!


  1. I am the oldest of four girls, and I so love my sisters! We are planning a 'sisters weekend' after Thanksgiving, and I can't wait! :)

  2. I am the "middle sister" of three girls and we have one brother. All four of us live within 10 miles of each other and we get together once a month for lunch. Interesting to me that though my Mom is a master quilter, I am the only daughter in the family that has pursued it. We are all good friends, but really have no common interests--other than music. We do sing as a trio now and then.

  3. I want a sister! Guess my brother will have to do!


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