Thursday, November 29, 2012

30 Thankful Days -- Day 29

Day 29 -- I'm thankful for my mom.  Today is her birthday!  I know she was probably wondering if I was going to include her in things I am thankful for, but I knew all along that I was going to save "her" until her special day!

This is my older brother and I with my mom.  My brother and are only 14 months apart!

My mom and her first daughter Megan...(I think Megan and I are about the same age in these two pictures!)

My mom is amazing...she was always there for us as kids and teenagers (and still is, actually!), supporting us in whatever we tried.  Times weren't always easy, but we didn't know it as kids...she made it all work somehow.  We never went without, or if we did, we didn't know it.

I'm thankful for all the things we have in common, I inherited many things from love of all things crafty definitely came from her (good), and my extreme spider phobia (bad), just to name two.  We are probably more alike than I wanted to admit when I was younger, but now I'm grateful for as I get older.

I'm thankful that my mom and I are not only mother and daughter, but we are best friends as well.

Happy Birthday Mom...I love you! 


  1. I loved seeing how her hair and clothes have changed over the years!

  2. Wonderful tribute to your mom. Hope she has a great BD~

  3. Thank you to my sweet daughter for this "thankful" message. You are so special to me, and I love how we are alike!! It is fun to be able to share with you the love of crafting and to share the other ways in which we are alike, such as how we think!! It all makes for knowing that we are BFF's. Love you!! (even if you did put these funny pics of me on the internet)


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