Saturday, November 03, 2012

30 Thankful Days -- Day 3

Day 3 -- I'm thankful for lazy, relaxing Saturdays.  We ran a few errands early in the day, but since then I've been sewing, chatting with my mom, making and eating a yummy dinner.  

We had those days when the kids were little when Saturdays were full of soccer games, scouting events, sleepovers, etc., and as much as I miss those days, I do love having Saturdays at home with my hubby, hanging out and just enjoying each other's company! 


  1. You are so special!! I love you!!!!

  2. I wish my Saturdays were that way. Usually spent getting ready to have a dozen family members over for Sunday dinner. But I wouldn't change that for the world. Who knows how much longer family will be around to gather? : )

  3. I'd be thankful for *any* day that had a couple of hours of 'relaxing' attached to it!!! LOL!! Enjoy it! :)

  4. We just had two sons move in with more just relaxing the two of us....


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