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Monday, November 05, 2012

30 Thankful Days -- Day 5

Day 5 -- I'm thankful for my Gammill Vision Longarm Quilting Machine!  

It really was a dream come true when we made the decision to make this purchase...and I'm grateful to my hubby for being so supportive and using his hard-earned money to make sure I had exactly what I wanted!  It's been quite an experience, but I have loved every minute of it!


  1. Sounds like you have a good husband :)

  2. It is a big step to purchase one of those, to be sure! Nice to have support from the one you love in the thing you love. : )

  3. And you do such a good job!

  4. Yes...Milah is correct. It was a smart move for you to get that as you have really made wonderful use of it and I am happy to say I have benefited from your good work on that machine!!!

  5. What a sweet post -- it really made me smile! And by the way, I stopped by that crock pot recipe link you shared from yesterday(?) -- excellent!!! Thanks for sharing that one!!! :)

  6. There are so any things to be thankful for! What a great idea to post them :-) what a sweet Longarm machine!


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