Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cotton Club Quilt Retreat Recap

I'm finally getting a chance to give you a recap on my quilting retreat!  

We were pleasantly surprised to see our welcome sign!  

The retreat was held at this hotel which is very close to the Lewes Beaches.  The hotel is closed for the season, so we had the entire place to ourselves!  My room was on the second floor, last room on the right in this picture.

There is a row of shops on the first floor of the building...and look what shop is just two doors down...It's a quilt shop!  I think all of us made at least one trip a day, even just to browse.  The owner let us keep a tab and we paid our bill on the last day of retreat.  How nice is that?

We set up our machines in the lobby of the much natural light all day.

All the plants had been brought in from outside for the seat is right there by that tree.  LOL
You can click on all the pictures to get a better view.

One of the retreaters' daughter made this amazing cake...see the featherweight made of fondant?  The dog and cake are their family pets.  Don't miss the rotary cutter and scissors too...all made of fondant.

 One of our group projects was this cute iron caddy.  Here is mine...minus buttons (I'll add them where the elastic is).

The inside has ironing board fabric inside, and the whole thing opens up and becomes an ironing surface (didn't get a picture of that!).

Here's a pic of everyone's caddies...

Also as a group, we swapped fabric for this quilt.  It's a Bonnie Hunter pattern called Scrappy Mountain Majesties.   We swapped 8.5" squares of a "color" fabric, either purple, green, or blue, and also a neutral fabric.  The mountain blocks went together really quickly and I got my whole top assembled!  I'll add a border too...just need to find the perfect fabric to match.  :)

I also completed my Oklahoma Backroads top...this one needs a border too.  I started this one at a Bonnie Hunter workshop in March.

Well, I think that's all for now.  I have a few other pictures I'll share in a later post...didn't want this one to get too long!  :)

Happy Quilting!


  1. This looks like a very fun retreat idea--a hotel all to yourself with a quilt shop that lets you run up a tab. Now that sounds a little dangerous. : )
    Love the iron caddies, and that cake is so amazing!
    Two beautiful "Bonnie" quilts, Michelle. I love the cool, peaceful colors of the first one and the scrappy fun of the second.

  2. Oh what a fun weekend! Looks like you got a lot done. Glad to see the area wasn't too hard hit from the storm.

  3. That cake is adorable! I love the iron caddies too! :0)

  4. Sounds like a fabulous retreat! My idea of a perfect time!

  5. Is a pattern of the ironing caddy available????

  6. Wow...that does look like you had an amazing time!

  7. I know I should say someting abt all the quilts...but I love that cake!! LOL

  8. Love the little iron caddy! So, so cute!


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