Friday, November 02, 2012

Feline Friday

I thought I'd share a couple of pictures of Smokey...he's, um, big boned, yeah, that's what we'll call it.  Now "Tiny Cat" (the other kitty in the pic) is still kitten size...but still, Smokey is considerably larger.  All the kitties like to hang out in my sewing room with me...usually on this rug.

I couldn't get them both to look at me at the same time!

This is usually what you can find Smokey doing...he's an expert nap-taker... 

This is his other favorite place to nap.  :)

Happy Quilting!


  1. How much does he weigh? Napping is a favorite hobby of mine too!

  2. LOL!! I love your Smokey -- he's "fluffy"! And Tiny Cat is darling -- how old are they? :)

  3. I just LOVE to see cats cuddle - my current brood doesn't do so, unless little Midgie is cold and even then, it's her last choice. Love Smokey's v-shaped nap. Thanks for joining Feline Friday!

  4. Does Smokey's size explain the napping, or does the napping explain the size? : )

  5. Must be something about the name Smokey.... ours is 'big boned' too... and looking me with eyes that could burn holes in my soul


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