Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Wrap up and Easy Street Mystery

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We sure did!  We played a few games, watched a favorite Christmas movie, ate a delicious dinner, and made our annual batch of turkey cookies...
Even though we've been making these for about 12's still lots of fun and laughs.

Some time was spent serving Thanksgiving dinner to the airmen at the base dining facility...someone enjoyed their chef hat so much they brought it home!

Now the kitchen is cleaned up and the boys are getting ready to head out for some Black Friday bargains.  Me, I'm staying home with the couch and a warm quilt....

Tomorrow the first clue in Bonnie Hunter's new mystery is posted!  Are you doing it?  She said it's not going to be as intense as previous mysteries...let's hope so!  :)  I've said this  before, but I'm NOT a fan of mysteries.  I can't resist Bonnie's though...they are always awesome. This year's color way is waaaay out of my comfort zone, but I jumped in with both feet and I'm sticking with her colors.  I'm hoping it will end up being perfect for a couple of nieces of mine.  :)

I was fortunate to be on my retreat in Lancaster when Bonnie released the fabric info/colors...I had all those wonderful quilt shops at my disposal to find these beauties...
You can click any of the pictures for a bigger view!

Here are the black and whites and also the grey...I'm hoping the grey is not too light, though it does look a little lighter here than it really is....

 A new clue will be released each Friday for the next 6-7 weeks...stayed tuned for my progress!!

Happy Quilting! 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! Your fabric choices look great! I still haven't made my final decisions yet :(

  2. I think that hat should be regulation!!!! I mis-read and got many different grey FQs... gotta think about this or go shopping :o)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    You brave woman to venture into Easy Street with colors out of your comfort zone. You know you won't be sorry if you stick to Bonnie's colors. I will observe your progress with interest. : )

  4. I love your Fabric for this Mystery quilt, thank you for your little tut in your link up to Bonnie.
    Haven't got my fabric yet, but well done your your 1st link up for this quilt.


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