Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Quilts

Christmas came a little early at our house...and now I can share the quilts I made for our two kids. It's so hard to keep a secret, but I pulled it off!

The first quilt is for's made with a fabric line called "Meet the Gang."  Megan had been with me at a quilt shop about 6 months ago and pointed it out to me.  She usually doesn't show much interest in crafty things, so anytime she jumps in, it makes me happy!

The pattern is a freebie online called Sashings & Rectangles.  I think it was perfect for these prints.

I love the back too!

I quilted it with a grey thread and a simple pattern called "Curlz."  I think Megan was really happy with her new quilt!

Zach's quilt was made with some of his t-shirts from college.  This was my first attempt at a t-shirt quilt and I really enjoyed it!

Most blocks are made from the largest emblem on the shirt...these are the smaller pocket emblems from the front of the shirt.

Different sizes sewn together to make the blocks...

This large piece was from pair of sweats...the word "Delaware" was printed down the side of one leg.  I was so happy to be able to use it this way.  It was a bit thicker to sew and quilt through, but it still worked up nicely!

And because Zach spent 4 years in the Air Force ROTC program and is now active duty, I thought the Air Force fabric on the back was perfect.  I'm hoping this will be something he'll have to treasure the memories from his time at UD.

Hope you all are enjoying this Christmas Season and are able to take a little time to reflect on the Reason for the Season, your family, and the many blessings we all share.

Happy Quilting!


  1. I love the bold graphics of that Sashing and Rectangles quilt. Very striking--and perfect for showcasing fabrics.
    The t-shirt quilt turned out very nice. You did a great job on it--no surprise there. : )

  2. Love the way the t-shirt quilt looks! Got some good ideas ~I have to think a little more outside the box when I do my next one.

  3. Michelle, these are both marvelous -- I know they were both totally happy with their quilts! You did a great job with the t-shirt quilt -- I'd have never guessed it was your first time making one!! :)

  4. Those are so pretty! The first one reminds me of stained glass! Merry Christmas! :0)

  5. Well done...and gifts to be loved and cherished for years and years to come!

  6. Great quilts Michelle! I am indeed reflecting on the season and taking the time to slow down and destress.

  7. I loved those fabrics you used for Megan's quilt...I think the black really sets it off.
    Zach's quilt will be a real keepsake for the future.


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