Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hot Chocolate BOM Progress

I made a little progress on this BOM yesterday.  These two blocks were half prepped (designs were already traced on the fusible, and fused to the fabric).  I just had to cut out the pieces and fuse them to the background fabric.
this one needs the fishing line embroidered on too!

I haven't done the buttonhole embroidery yet...I think I'm going to wait and do them all at the same time, which will cut down how many times I need to change the thread color.  I'll do all the browns, all the reds, etc.  That's the plan anyway!

I also got ALL the setting blocks completed from the months where I'd already finished the snowman block.  I did switch out a few of the fabrics that the shop sent.  I remember that was one of my complaints while receiving this block of the month...they sent a lot of "uglies."  LOL
Sorry for the nighttime, dark pictures...makes the colors a little off.

I just have 5 more BOM kits to go!  Today I'm tracing the applique patterns for block 8.

It's been crazy windy here last night and fact, my husband said that the base recorded stronger winds last night than during either of the two hurricanes!!  It sounds like the siding is going to be pulled off the side of our house!  No snow for us here in Delaware, but it sounds like a lot of you did get some.  Sounds like a good day to stay in and sew!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Can't wait to see Hot Chocolate when it's done- so cute, even without the applique details! The 12 inches of snow received before Christmas is still here in Iowa... it's been to cold for any melting to take place.. making up for last year when we hardly had any snow at all.

  2. Such a cute bunch of snowmen! This must be a fun project, in spite of the "uglies".
    We've had snow for 3 of the last 4 days, but not the heavy wind, thank goodness.

  3. I love those snowmen, if you decide not to keep it, you already have one gift ready for Christmas next year!

  4. WOW!!! It is really coming together. Looking forward to the finish.

  5. Way to go Michelle...
    You've been an inspiration for me to pull my snowman project out and get back working on it!

  6. yayyyy! You're encouraging me to get out my Family Reunion blocks and start working on them too!! Your blocks are so cute :)

  7. Those are adorable, Michelle! You always do such nice work. Kudos for working with all those pieces. I would've never made it as far as you did. lol


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