Friday, December 28, 2012

I'm on a roll!

I am moving right along with these babies!  I got three more Hot Chocolate blocks assembled today.  I know the embroidery stitching part is going to still need a significant amount of time to accomplish, but I'm happy to be making progress on this OLD UFO. (click on the pictures for a larger view!)
Block 8 -- I just realized these guys don't have Hot Chocolate mugs like all the other snowmen. 

Block 9 -- this one has a gazillion pieces!

Block 10
I thought I might share how I do my fusible applique...just like always, there is no right or wrong way (well, usually) to do things, we all have our preferences, right?
I use Heat 'n Bond still adds some thickness to the fabric, especially when there is many overlapping layers, like this project has.  I know there are lots of different fusibles out there, but this is my favorite.

I trace all the shapes with a mechanical pencil on to the fusible....
To reduce some of the thickness/stiffness from the fusible, I cut out the inside of the piece to about 1/4" from the traced line. Pieces smaller than about 1/2" stay as a solid piece.

 To save paper, I'll trace the smaller pieces inside the larger ones...I'm cutting out the center anyway.  I also label my traced pieces and note the color of fabric.  It sure helps when a pattern has lots and lots of shapes to trace, like this project does!

Tomorrow the next Easy Street mystery clue is released.  I might have to put my snowmen aside for awhile so I can work on it!

Happy quilting! 


  1. Looking good.... keep up the good work!

  2. good tips Michelle. Someday I will do applique :) I'm lovin' your snowmen~

  3. Look at you go! I LOVE block #9. Add a border or two and it would make a cute wall hanging all by itself.
    I do very little fusible applique--you have given me some insights I can use. Thank you!

  4. Very cute. You are doing a nice job on them.

  5. You are on a roll.....but your Easy Street units are "easy" today so you'll be back to the snowmen before dinner.....

    I'm loving these guys a lot. Can't wait to get started on mine :)

  6. SO cute!! You're on a *fabulous* roll!!! Keep it up! :)

  7. Thanks for this, Michelle. I'm just choosing fabrics to do a tablerunner. Is it necessary to do blanket stitch around all the pieces?

  8. Thanks for the good tips on working with the Heat N Bond.


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