Friday, February 22, 2013

Time sure flies....

I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post.  Time just flies by, doesn't it?  Especially when you keep busy!  I have been quilting like crazy, and always, I can't show all the pictures...but I can show some of them!

First is a Quilt of Valor made by my local quilting group...we meet weekly, and once a month we work on these QOV blocks.  I really do like this string design.

One of the ladies in our group will add the binding...and then it will be donated to the local QOV chapter.

I quilted two charity quilts that I'll take to retreat in May, where they will be donated to a local crisis pregnancy center.  This first one is a "Quick Strippie," and the pattern can be found on  I love it!

The second quilt was the purple disappearing 4 patch I made a couple months ago....both quilts still need binding.

Seems I'm working with purple a lot lately!  Last week, I assembled this "Chinese Coins"'s another pattern from!  It will be a gift for a new baby in the family.  It's made from leftover fabrics from the Easy Street quilt, plus a few purple charms left from a recent charm swap (that disappearing 4 patch also used those purple charms!).  I had a few strips left over, so I made a matching totebag for the mom-to-be.  :)

 It's now quilted and also awaiting binding....

 Believe it or not, I also spent a week in New Mexico with my hubby last week.  He attended a week-long class and I tagged along and had a long relaxing week reading, quilt shop exploring, and embroidery!  I finished this snowman embroidery that a shared a few months it needs the piece blocks and it will really be finished. 

Here is just a fun picture of hubby and I at a local furniture store...we thought this big chair was funny.  I like that I look so small.  :P


  1. That Quilt of Valor is a beauty.
    I love Mary's Quick Strippy pattern--made three for grandsons for Christmas.
    Excellent job on the stitchery. That is very detailed and it looks nicely done.
    Cute shot of the two of you in the oversized chair. : )

  2. So many things to admire, including the smiles on you in that big chair. I love purples, and the quilting on everything is lovely with that long arm. I especially like the scroll design on Quick Strippie. Beautiful projects, all!

  3. Everything looks wonderful! The baby quilt is so pretty! :0)

  4. You HAVE been busy! Love the Valor quilt. So pretty. The Quickie Strippie is a great idea for quick baby quilts & I now know what I might do with the purples I have left over from Easy Street. Thanks for the ideas~
    p.s. Love the "big chair" photo~

  5. As usual....everything looks GREAT!!! I am trying to study that QOV and see how those string blocks were done. I've done mine differently but I love the look of this and think I have to talk to you about it. :)


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