Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nickel Quilts

This week our guild hosted Pat Speth of Nickel Quilts fame.  All her books and patterns use 5" squares to make a multitude of quilts.  It's amazing how much you can do with a 5" square!
She doesn't teach a specific quilt at her workshop....rather a technique for a specific unit or units.  From those units, you can chose from any number of quilts to make.  The first workshop was 4 patches and half square triangles.  You can see behind her, all those blocks are made from variations of the 4patch and HST units!

  This quilt is called Heritage Trail made from those two units.  I don't have any pics to share of my progress, because I still haven't decided which quilt I am going to make!  So far, I just have a big pile of 4patches and HSTs!!

This is another layout I like, called Sunny Lanes.

This one is called Northern Lights...I don't think I will choose this option, just wanted to show you how different the same units look, just laid out a bit differently.

The second workshop was "combination units."  It's a HST, but also sort of an hourglass unit.  There are many great projects with this unit!

This is a picture of a quilt I'd like to do one day....called Labor Day Madness.

And also this one....Labor Day Stars.

This is the one I'm working on's called Liberty Star.  It adds flying geese units as well.

 I worked a bit more yesterday on my blocks and have 12 done!  I'm going to do a few more to make a large lap size.  The techniques are really handy and the blocks aren't too difficult to assemble.  The workshops were lots of fun! 

 Have you made any "Nickel Quilts?"  Of course, with the Charm Pack craze the last few years...there are many projects out there using 5" squares nowadays!


  1. I bought her book when it first came out! This was long before the 5" charm squares were popular. I made the blocks in the Labor Day Madness quilt.(I used them as signature blocks) That combination unit make two different types, right? I made another quilt with the other unit. I think it is similar to the blocks in Liberty Stars. It looks like a marvelous workshop. I wish I could have attended!

  2. What beautiful quilts! I think I need that book! :0)

  3. What fun to take classes from Pat! I have the second Nickel Quilt book, but haven't yet made anything from it. I love the quilt you chose to make--beautiful! How can you go wrong with stars in R/W/B?
    Sunny Lanes isn't in the book, that I recall, but it has been on my bucket list for a long time. Makes a great scrap quilt! A blogger I know made it with darker paths and called it Shady Lanes. Really looked nice.

  4. Oh my, Michelle, they are beautiful! And so are yours! I suspect your life will not be long enough to make all the quilts you would like to make "someday". That's ok, you can fill in for me in the meantime. I'm still recovering from my last big one a couple years ago! Lol

  5. I have at least one of her books! FUN!

  6. I love her quilts. She came to our guild several years ago. One of the few meetings I went to. I have two of her books and love them. Have I done one yet? Uh, no but I'm going away in a few weeks. Start a new project or finish something??? Ahh, the million dollar question.

  7. We had her at our guild, too. I need to finish my quilt! LOL I really enjoyed her and love her quilts.


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