Monday, April 22, 2013

Some finishes to share....

Although my life is ramping up on the craziness factor, I have been doing some sewing...some I can share, some are secrets for now.  :)

One reason for the craziness is our upcoming move...the movers will be here in less than 6 weeks, so I'm starting to realize how unprepared I am.  LOL  I also have a quilting retreat in three's our annual trip to Indiana.  I'm super excited to go and just get away from thinking about moving for a few days.

I've been working on a few secret projects for retreat, birthdays, and new babies in the family.  I promise I'll take pictures and show you after all the gifts have been received.  :)  

I do have some finishes to've seen these before, but they weren't technically finished without the quilting and binding.  I even put labels on these projects!

This is my Liberty Star quilt...I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!  (Do I say that about every quilt?)  This quilt was from a workshop with Pat Speth and her "Nickel Quilts" books.  I took advantage of the brief sunshine we had this weekend and got a few outdoor pictures....

It looks really wavy in this picture, but it's because the lawn hasn't been mowed all winter and it's growing all crazy...

I love the backing...I had bought it a year or two ago on clearance and knew the perfect quilt would come along to use it on some day.

I also finished the binding on my little Friendship Stars quilt...remember I made this quilt with all the bonus triangles from the Liberty Star quilt?  It has a label, but still needs a hanging sleeve.

I also finished my first Calendar Quilt...this is actually "July," but I think I'll leave it hanging until we pack up.  :)

I also realized I never shared a picture of my finished Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilt.  This is one of Bonnie Hunter's free patterns on her website.  My local sewing group swapped fabrics and started these at retreat back in November.

Love that polka dot backing!  Also another one I picked up on clearance!  I did not add a label yet...I will probably give this as a gift...I just don't know who the recipient is just yet!

There you go!  I love putting those final stitches in the binding and finishing up a quilt!

I may not be blogging much over the next few weeks as we prepare to move and then head out to our new assignment...but I'll try to pop on as much as possible!


  1. Liberty Stars is wonderful, and what a perfect backing!
    Friendship Stars turned out so cute. I love little bonus quilts like that.
    "July" is very cute. You have so much red/white/blue goodness going on here.
    The Mountain quilt is beautiful, too--love that color scheme.

  2. They really look lovely... congrats on the finishes!

  3. Oh my! I love all of those quilts! Great job. What is your move? Are you trading houses or going a distance? I'm pretty experienced moving, as we have done so 14 times with the Army!

  4. Wonderful work, love them all . XXX

  5. Your quilts all look wonderful! I love the Liberty Star!

  6. I LOVE the Liberty Star quilt ! But I think I say this abt all your quilts Michelle :) Congrats on all the finishes. They are all great! Best of luck on your move. Thankful for blogland & emails so we can stay in touch :)

  7. All the quilts are lovely. I really like the small Calendar Quilt. Do you mind telling where to find that pattern? Enjoy the next move back across the states. Marylin in Kansas

  8. Wow, as always! I'm going cross eyed trying to read the backing of that stunning Liberty Stars on my IPad. They are words, right? All of your work is stunning! Good luck as you pack up.

  9. Love the quilts you showed here. I am sad (for me) about your move. I got to know you as a blogging friend and my moved "near" to me. It was nice to know we could get together and now I find myself wishing we had done so more often. I will, though, cherish the memories we have made during the times we did get together over the past couple of years (especially the quilting trip to Lancaster). Good luck with all that you have to do the next few weeks and we'll look forward to seeing you once more on the east coast before you leave.


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