Sunday, April 07, 2013

The winner...

Congratulations, Dortha!  You are the winner of the Thimbleberries FQ's!!  

One of the stars has a point going done on the side that should be going up and one going up on side that should be going down. It is reversed. It is still a pretty quilt.
I probably should stop pointing the booboo out to every passerby.  I actually like the gives the quilt character!

I had these two wallhangings to be quilted and realized they would be okay with the same backing fabric, so quilting them up was cinch.  On the calendar quilt, I outlined the flowers and flowerpot and did swirls over the rest.  For the friendship star I did a meander with tiny loops.  I have the binding sewn to both on the front, just needs the hand sewing part and the hanging sleeves.


  1. Congrats to Dortha, and I agree, don't point it out. If anyone notices, tell them you want it that way. Since you like it, that's true!

  2. Both of these little beauties look like they will be perfect for a patriotic summer celebration.


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