Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Retreat, packing, promotions, goodbyes...oh my.

Warning, this post has a lot of pictures!  That's what happens when you don't have time to blog for weeks on end.  :)  

First, I'll briefly recap my recent quilting retreat.  This is the annual retreat in Indiana that I have retreated with for about 7 years now!  Unfortunately, we were missing one of our members, Laura, that you may recall passed away unexpectedly in March.  You'll see in this picture we are all holding a sock monkey.  Sock monkeys are our unofficial mascot at retreat and it turns out Laura had found these earlier in the year and was planning to give them to all of us at retreat this year.  Her sister knew of her plan, and after her death, she mailed them to our hostess so that they would be given to us anyway.  We were all very touched!  Thank you Laura!!

These are the pincushions I made for the swap.  I've been having some fun with selveges lately!  They're pretty good size (about 5") and filled with walnut shells...so they could also be used as a paper weight if you find you need one.  :)

I also made these "vitamins" for each of the girls...gotta stay healthy!

This is a wallhanging I made for my secret sister...it's the name of her blog...

Two of my retreat projects were these totebags.  They are gifts for a couple of co-workers in my husbands office.  I love this pattern..."Charm Party Tote."  It's sort of an oldie, but goodie!

This is a quilt for a nephew...it's made with woodsy/outdoor type fabric....this picture, taken with my phone, does not show the colors very well.  The reds, greens and blacks are much prettier in person!  The pattern is Yellow Brick Road.  Another oldie but goodie!

This is my "spot" at retreat...you can see another project I worked on.  The Calendar Quilt for August....I just got the top fused, so it's not finished just yet.

 After arriving home at retreat, I had one day left to prepare for the packers!  Here is my sewing closet all packed up! 

This is my longarm table all taken apart and crated for the move.  It was quite the process to watch the crew build this box.  I'm pretty confident no damage will occur to that table!  It's shrink wrapped, bubble wrapped and strapped down inside that box!

 Our kitties weren't quite sure what to do with themselves after the house was emptied...they followed me around like I was the Pied Piper.

Smokey found a get-away spot though....

The day after the house was emptied, my husband was promoted to Colonel!  I'm so proud of his accomplishment!  We should have a few more photos from the ceremony later this week...both our kids were able to attend, which was an answer to prayer!

We just got his new "official" photo today....lookit those eagles!

And just to keep things interesting...we got a new car!  We've been looking at this make/model of car for a couple of years...but really didn't want to pay the price for a new car.  This is a 2012 model...but we are the first owners and we got a great deal!

Whew...I think that is a pretty good recap of the last few weeks!  We'll be heading out of Delaware later this week and moving on to our next great adventure.  It might be a few weeks before I'm back with another update!


  1. I'm exhausted just reading, how do you keep going so much? Coffee? ;) Seriously and utmost, big congratulations to you both on your husband's promotion! As always, I love your creations, and your kitties! Have an in eventful move, will check in on the other side. Be safe.

  2. Oh, congrats on DH's promotion! Wow--cool!
    I am impressed that you were able to be prepared enough to go to retreat just before moving. I would probably never be able to do that. : )
    That is very touching about Laura's sock monkeys. What a sweet remembrance.
    So many fun projects going on, Michelle--and moving besides. You rock!
    I hope you have a safe, uneventful move!

  3. I thought I was the only person who quilted right up until the movers arrived! Whew! Congrats to you both on the promotion, too, that is quite an accomplishment! Safe travels to your new house!

  4. Great catch up post, Michelle. Have a safe journey.

  5. Congrats on that promo! Where's your next assignment?!

  6. You have been so busy!!! Congrats to the new full bird! Where are you headed next? Safe travels on the move.

  7. An eventful month, I'd say! And kudos to you for not showing any stress during quilt retreat. Seriously, I would have hyperventilated, broke out in hives, and fought anxiety attacks every day knowing I had so much going on back home. You my friend, are the Queen of Calm!
    Congratulations to the Colonel, I'm quite impressed, and I'm feeling pretty puffed knowing the Wife of a Colonel (remember that story I shared at breakfast about the wife of a CEO?) Behind every good man stands a woman, and in your case two supportive kids as well.
    Wishing you safe travels to Wyoming, and remember you're welcome to stop here to rest and water your horses...err....cats.

  8. Great "wrap-up" post here before you head west. I'll miss you...that's for sure....but I am thankful for blogs and Facebook and email, so we can keep in touch and...who knows...maybe someday we will see each other again. I'm glad we get to see you and Travis tomorrow for one more meal at "our" Chinese restaurant before you leave.

  9. Loved this post with all the pictures~ Best of everything as you embark on your new adventure in a new state. Congrats to your husband! Looking forward to "seeing you" on FB & blogland after you get settled.

  10. Wow, Michelle. I knew you had the promotion and the move from fb but whew girl, that's a LOT of fun happening in your life. Enjoy setting up a new room and all the changes. I'm guessing the move is bittersweet with leaving the kids behind? Good old Skype to the rescue! :)

  11. Congratulations and safe travels, Michelle! I look forward to hearing all about the trip/move/move-in/new state soon!!! :)

  12. O nooooooooo! You moved to WYOMING? That is way too far for me to get quilts quilted :-( Sad! That is what happens when I don't read blogs for a while...

    BUT, I am super excited for you and your hubby and the new adventure! Glad the move is over and hope you guys settle in well! Good luck!!


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