Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pictures...at last!

Whew....it's just been 2 1/2 weeks since we moved in to this house.  In some ways, it feels like forever, but then when I think about all the events of the last two weeks, I think I'm doing pretty good!  I also want to thank all of you for the kind words and thoughts from so many of you about Whiskers.  It really touched my heart.  I know so many of you have "furbabies" of your own and understand just how important they are in our lives.  Hugs to all of you!

Most of you probably know, we recently moved to a new assignment in Wyoming.  It's amazing here.  We love the location, the weather, the people, the town...just everything.  We definitely feel "at home" and that's a feeling we don't often get moving so frequently from place to place.  

We arrived just a couple weeks before a huge local event....Cheyenne Frontier Days.  CFD is one of the country's largest rodeos (they pride themselves on being THE largest rodeo 13-14 times out of the last few years!), and there are also various "county fair" type activities such as concerts, Midway rides, and funnel cakes.  :)  The whole city of Cheyenne gets involved with parades, pancake breakfasts, and other celebrations.  Being a capital city...the governor of Wyoming gets involved as well, along with the mayor and other city and state councilmen.  I never realized how big "rodeo" is in this part of the country...there are people and contestants that have traveled here from all over the US and Canada.

The base plays a big role in all the festivities from hosting "Fort DA Russel Days," which is open to the public and includes re-enactments from the civil war and displays of other aspects of life in that period.  Also the Wing (base) Leadership act as representatives throughout the community during the various events.  With that said...we have been busy, busy, busy attending lots of socials, receptions, and dinners honoring various visitors and dignitaries.  I have a few photos to share...beware...it's actually more than a few.  Lots of pictures!!

As you can see, we have "cowboy'd up," right down to Wranglers, hats, and boots!  This picture was taken at the governor's mansion, just FYI...yeah, that's how we roll.  :P  Not....man, we are just regular folk...I'm not used to this highfalutin' stuff!

To kick off the rodeo festivities, there is a traditional "cattle drive," where 400 or so bulls are brought down from a little north of Cheyenne to the fairgrounds.  These are not the bull-riding bulls...these are the "ropin' ones."  Whatever that competition is called...where the cowboy races along side a bull, throws his lasso, ropes and ties their legs....  The big "8 Second" bulls aren't friendly enough to take a stroll along I-25.  :)

Another reception welcoming Air Force Chief of Staff, General Welsh and his wife.  My hubby is up there in a blue shirt on the right.  :)  Also present were Miss Frontier and her lady-in-waiting...they seem to be the mascots of the event (don't tell them I said that!)

This was a day at the rodeo (which is everyday during the event!), and we've also been to a Journey concert, as well as Alan Jackson.  Later this week, we have tickets to Rascal Flatts and Toby Keith!  Yay! 

Okay...so enough about Cheyenne Frontier Days...I'll share a little bit of our house on base.
This is by far the most amazing house we've ever lived in.  These historic homes were built in the early 1900's and have been maintained to keep most of their original charm and beauty!

There are about 100 of these homes along our street...some are single units like ours, some are duplexes.

So...now for some fun stuff...here are pics of my sewing room!  This is the smallest bedroom in the house, but makes a nice, cozy sewing area.  :)
This is looking through the door...I would still like to put a nice throw rug on the floor.

I kept the shades closed for pictures, otherwise they were too dark...weird, huh?

Just a view of the other side of the room...

Two nice big closets...

Look quickly...because they will likely never be this organized again!

And how wonderful is this....this is a bedroom across the hall from my sewing room...it's perfect for my long arm!  I feel incredibly blessed to have this space....guess it's one upside of not having kids in the house anymore.  :/

Another view from the opposite side.  Those quilts on the bar are waiting to be hung up...I'm waiting on some "3M Command Clips" to come in the mail.

 Here are a few pics of other parts of the house...not everything is completely picture-ready at this point, but I thought I'd give you a little glimpse.
This is the entry way...it's bigger than my sewing room upstairs!  :P  To the left is a small "study," which used to be the Military Officer's "office."  It has it's own entrance from outside as well.  To the right is the living room.

Living room...the fire place is functional, though it is just a gas insert these days.  (can you find Smokey?)

Another view of the living room...you can see where the front door is.  

The dining room (looking from the living room).  See the beautiful built in cabinets?  Everything is original to the house, including the mirrors and glass.  (disregard the big fan...no a/c in these old homes, but truly, it's not really needed...the temps are quite mild here!)

Another view of the dining room...most of the rooms have original fireplaces, though only the living room is functional.  Unfortunately, one of our dining room chairs was a casualty of the move.  It's at the woodworking shop at the moment, hoping it can be repaired.  :(

Well, there you have it...a little update of our new location and what we've been up to the last few weeks.  We are finally feeling settled and we know we are going to enjoy the next two years in Wyoming!

Monday, July 15, 2013

I'm Here!

I'm here...I'm here!  It's been a crazy 7-8 weeks, but we survived our move from Delaware and now we are in Wyoming.  We just moved into our house one week ago, so we are still living among many, many boxes. Slowly but surely, we are getting settled.  I'll have more to share about our move in my next post.  

This post I wanted to share my beloved Whiskers with you.  She was almost 17 years old and we lost her this past weekend.  We knew her kidneys were failing her and had been doing what we could to keep her feeling well for the past 6 months or so.  She really went downhill over the last two weeks, and one week ago we found out that she was in full kidney failure and had only a few more days.  I miss her so much.  She was a constant companion...always with me in the sewing room.  She was a great quilt inspector....she took her job very seriously.  She moved with us 10 times to 10 different states!  And every time, she took it in stride and adjusted just fine, thank you very much!  She brought us much joy over the years...and I'm so thankful she was part of our family.  We'll miss you Whiskers!

I love this picture!  This quilt was her match.

My sewing machine made a nice bed!

"Where's the comfy fabric?"

"oh...this is nice."

"Whatcha going to put in here?"

She loved paper, boxes, tape....although this picture was from a previous move, she did this same thing while I was unpacking just a few days ago!

She loved to sit under my sewing lamp...nice and warm!

I was sewing the binding on this quilt and she decided it was a good place for a nap.

She made sure every quilt was nap-worthy...

She shared HER sewing room chair with me...

This is another favorite picture...she spent hours sitting behind me on that sewing chair.  I'm going to miss that.  Love you Kitty!

p.s.  I'll be back soon with pics of my new sewing room and our adventures during our recent move!