Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Catching up

I still feel like I'm playing catch up and trying to get in to a normal routine after the move.  Things are looking better every day and feeling more and more normal.  :)

I forgot to share this with you before...but look at this beauty!

This machine belonged to a woman in the neighborhood I grew up in (I'm sure she was the original owner).  Then a few years ago, it was given to another neighbor and family friend.  She used it for a while as a TV stand before giving it to my mom.  :)  Then this summer, my mom gave it to me!!  (you can click the picture for a larger picture)
(I just noticed Smokey in the picture.  LOL)
It's in really good shape...just needs some cleaning (the machine is really dusty) and the belt is off the track.  One day I will spend some time figuring out how to get this baby up and running again.  It just seems like an incredible task at the moment.  :/

Here is something exciting to share!  My Snow Days quilt won a first place ribbon at our local quilt show!  I was very pleasantly surprised!  I also won a cash prize, which I had no idea there were cash prizes!  I don't know how much though until I go to the next guild meeting. :)

We recently had about 25 people over for dinner from my husband's office.  It's such beautiful weather here, that I knew we could eat outside on our porch.  I rented tables and chairs and made these cute little center pieces.  I found the idea for the flowers on Pinterest!  The napkins are made from a "bandanna" type fabric.  After I sewed them all up, I thought, "I could have just bought red bandannas!"  LOL

When I finally had a day to spend sewing, I was sort of lost and could not decide what I should work on.  I finally decided I NEEDED to pull out an old UFO and get 'er finished up.  After moving and unpacking all my "stuff," it was reaffirmed to me that I NEED to finish up some of these projects!

This is an old Thimbleberries Club project...maybe 2009?  Truthfully, I wasn't a big fan of the final quilt...and that was part of why it got put aside.  I do love the sampler blocks, I just remember I didn't like the pre-printed "applique" pieces that were to be added in.  (you can google it to see the final product)  I don't even know where my pre-printed fabric is.  Here is Smokey...helping me decide what to do with these 12 blocks....

 This is the fabric I have available, leftover from the block of the month kits....and also the stack of six inch sampler blocks that were made each month too.  Hmmm....what to do, what to do?  I will figure something out to make it work.  I really do not want to purchase any extra fabric to finish this project!

Stay tuned to see what I come up with!


  1. What a beauty of an old treadle, Michelle! Lucky woman!!
    Cute little centerpieces. Isn't it funny what we sometimes put ourselves through before the lightbulb goes on--red bandanas--oh, right! : )
    I will be curious to see what emerges from the blocks and leftover fabrics.

  2. I love your sewing machine! I have one that I bought but yours is much nicer! :0)

  3. Oh, I have been wanting a treadle machine! I remember my Grandma sewing on one. Glad you were able to carve out a little bit of sewing time in the midst of your move and new assignment activities.

  4. The old Singer is beautiful! It made me mom has an old Singer . I know she doesn't sew anymore...hmmmm

  5. 3's Company is the name of the quilt and I'm at same point you are with the quilt. I have all the finishing material and backing and just don't like it now. I thought about making it a smaller wall hanging 63 x 63. Good luck with yours and I can't wait to see what you do. The machine is lovely, just lay a work in progress on it for display. I know you will treasure this machine.

  6. I'm jealous! Love that sewing machine! Congrats on your ribbon... Do you use stem stitch or back stitch? You know I've always been jealous of your hand embroidery. In fact I'm working on a project now and was thinking... Just not as good asMichelle's

  7. LOVE that treadle machine and the cabinet is beautiful. I like the idea someone had of laying an unfinished project if it's in progress....and displaying the machine that way. As for your first-place ribbon, I'm really happy for you BUT not surprised as your work is always so pretty and perfect. I can't be of help with any suggestions for the finish to that T'berrie's quilt, but I know whatever you decide will look wonderful. YIKES...I didn't know you had a big dinner party already. It was nice to have it when the weather would allow guests to enjoy your porch, though. (The flooring in your house looks spectacular!!!)

  8. Michelle, I have a bunch of 2.5" x WOF strips of Thimbleberries. I could always do a fabric trade with you if you are interested. Drop me an email


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