Thursday, August 15, 2013

Snowman Block of the Month

Back in January, I signed up for this Block of the Month from Primitive Gatherings called "Warm Winter Blessings."  I didn't have any other BOM's going, so I figured what the heck, I love snowmen and the navy blue really appealed to me...and it's playing with wool!  What's not to love?!  I honestly can't tell you when the program started...before we left Delaware, I'm sure.  I had a scare or two during the move because we had to use a "general delivery" address for over a month and at least one package was delayed for quite some time.  But thankfully, they've all shown up and I've stayed caught up!  

These little blocks are great car projects and with all the driving we've done over the last few weeks, it was the perfect time to work on them!

Here are all six blocks to date...three more to go!

We have a new computer and I don't have my photo editing software uploaded forgive the wonky picture.  LOL  This is one of my favorites!

Or maybe this is my favorite.  Truthfully...I love them all!

This is a picture of the finished quilt.  The designer calls for using fusible to place the wool pieces on the background before stitching....but I think that just makes things too thick and heavy when working with wool.  I've used 505 spray for many projects and love the results.  Then I did a primitive stitch around each wool piece.  So fun, I can't wait for the next kit!

This is the reason for our recent -quick- trip to California this last weekend.  This is my new nephew, Jaxon!  He's three weeks old and just adorable.  I'm so glad I got to meet him.  I hope he doesn't grow too much before I see him again!


  1. Love this quilt, Michelle! Aren't Lisa's snowmen cute? Your blocks look really good!
    I got three of the blocks done (I just got the pattern, not the BOM) and realized I wouldn't have a place to hang a quilt this large, so I purchased the smaller version, but I haven't made any of them yet.

  2. Your snowmen are adorable! And so is your new nephew! :0)

  3. Really cute snowmen Michelle, but it's no contest -- Jaxon is cuter!

  4. Adorable snowmen! Glad you got to cuddle that new nephew! He's adorable, too!

  5. Jaxon is such a cutie. Did you see my grandson on my blog! Quite the little stud muffins, they are!

    The snowmen are cute, too.

  6. cute project. I love anything with snowmen, but can't say I love snow anymore.

  7. Your snowmen look terrific. I'm glad all your packages caught up with you now. And what a sweet little guy you have for a nephew! I'm glad you got to see him when he was still "new".

  8. How cute, both the quilt and your new nephew!

  9. What a cutie Jaxon is and bet you loved the time with him. Your snowmen are just perfect and by the time winter comes you should have them all ready.....


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