Monday, September 09, 2013

More UFO progress!

I'm completely motivated to work on "old" projects, which is a good thing...because I have a lot!  LOL  I guess "a lot" is subjective to each person...but for me, I have way more than I'm  comfortable with!  While I have this motivation, I'm definitely going to roll with it!

This isn't a UFO...but I did recently get my machine up and running!  A couple weeks ago, I had a little snafu with the module, but a call to Gammill and they had me fixed up and running in no time.  Whew...thanks Gammill!

The owner of this quilt wanted a little photo shoot on my awesome 100 year old porch, so I was happy to oblige! 

This sweet quilt was made by her 9 year old granddaughter while visiting her grandma this summer!  It's that awesome?  Such great memories for them both and I love to hear of the passion for quilting being passed down to another generation!

An indoor pic, just for kicks...

Here is the UFO I've been working on.  It's called Village Square by Whimsicals.  It was a block of the month from 2010, I think?  This pattern is by far the worst pattern I've ever seen for errors.  It was incredible.  Luckily, my friend Robin was doing it at the same time so we gave each other a heads up when we discovered the errors.

This is what I had in the close to finished!  Why didn't I stick with it?  LOL  (you can see Smokey can't matter what stage the quilt is in...)

Recently, Terry and I briefly chatted about when a quilt lets you know when it's done.  The other day, this quilt top SCREAMED at me to let me know it's done.  LOL  If you look in the picture above, it calls for another simple pieced border and then a solid border.  Well, I know I'll only ever use this as a wall hanging, so I really don't want it much bigger (it's about 45"x55" now).  So guess what...the top is DONE!  I have the backing and the binding ready to go...all it needs is quilting.  While it's still a UFO, at least I have an empty project bin to show for my efforts!  (my unquilted tops are adding up though!)

 Another aspect of living in a 100 year old house...see these "tin" roofs?  This is right outside my longarm room.  The housing management company is replacing them...

They've been out there about a week...and so far most of it looks like this:

But the new roofs are a big improvement!  Not only visually, but there are lots of leaky ceilings due to those old tin roofs.  Hopefully by the end of the week, I'll have some finished pictures to show you...even construction guys have UFO's!


  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I remember you saying that pattern was full of errors so likely why I lost interest. Who needs frustrations right? Your top looks good and done to me! Calling it that!

  2. Congrats on another UFO! The top is sweet.

  3. That will make a great wall hanging. Always a pleasure to pop by and see what you are up to.

  4. What fun to live in a historic home! Love your quilting...I am glad you are working on that darling UFO!

  5. Love your little "It's Done" quilt and the propped one is beautiful too.

  6. I love your house! I am going to be looking at 100 year old house when we move, but I'm so afraid there will be a lot of repairs needed.

  7. Railings in and out for photographing quilts? How lucky can you get? : )
    Oh, your "finished" top looks great to me. Good idea to listen to the quilt (especially when it screams).
    We are currently having our home reroofed, too. It has been going on three weeks now (domes take a long time to roof). I'm so ready for it to be done!!

  8. Beautiful quilts! Your house looks beautiful! I love old homes...

  9. Love the quilt made by the granddaughter & grandmother. So special~ Your Village Square quilt is fun looking~Like it lots!

  10. Personally, I love the "Smokey block" that you previewed in the in-process photo LOL!!!! Hope the designer posted some corrections to the errors on the website. It can be so frustrating. The quilt turned out great in the end!!

  11. I like your top that told you it is DONE....what a great wall-hanging that will make. I am really thinking Smokey might be asking you to teach some aspect of the quilting process. Maybe you could teach Smokey to do binding for you? LOL Thanks, again, for the great job on Jessi's quilt!


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