Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Scrappy Trip Around the World

Back in Delaware, I was part of a sewing club that met was called "Cotton Club."  I loved (love!) that group of ladies.  The group was so fun and I am going to greatly miss the fun and fellowship.

Before I left, they gave me a basket of Fat Quarters as a going away gift!  I thought I had a picture of the basket full of them...but I can't seem to locate it now.  :(  But all during the trip from Delaware to Wyoming, I thought about what I could make with those FQs.  Then the perfect idea came to me.  Back when I first joined Cotton Club, they were about to have their annual retreat where they also having a fabric exchange and all the ladies would make a quilt from the exchanged fabric.  I was joining in just a couple weeks before the retreat, and decided I'd skip the fabric exchange as I didn't think I could get it all together in such a short time.  I always regretted not participating, especially after seeing all their pretty quilts!  So I decided, I would use my FQs to make the quilt they made at retreat that year...Scrappy Trip Around the World!  

I did find a picture I took after all the strips were cut...aren't they scrumptious?!

And is my finished Scrappy Trips! 

The border is made from the remaining sewn strip units...the pattern is free on Bonnie Hunter's site and it's a quick and easy one!

I'm enjoying taking pictures on my porch...but it's still covered in debris because they are still working on the roofs.  I tried not to get any pictures of the floor.  LOL

I quilted it with a design called "Happy Times," which I thought was very appropriate because this quilt will always remind me of the happy times I had with the Cotton Club girls!

In case you're wondering...this is the progress on the roof right outside my sewing room.  They were delayed about 8 days because of the heavy rain we've had, but hopefully they'll make good progress this week.  This is the last area they have to finish....all the other areas look done to me.  I felt a bit weird taking this picture, I would have been horrified if they saw me at the window.  LOL


  1. Your Scrappy Trips will be a wonderful reminder of your Cotton Club friends. It is a fun pattern. I have half of mine pieced. It will be a priority someday soon, I hope!
    *LOL* I tried to sneak photos of our roofers working, too. I would take a photo as I backed out of the driveway from my car window, or as I came back across the street from picking up the mail. I don't know how discreet I was, but I tried. We actually got leaks from a storm on Labor Day, but it is all finished now!!

  2. So fun! Don't you feels if you could make that pattern over & over?

  3. Now wait just a doggone minute....are you telling me you did that entire quilt already since arriving in Wyoming?????? If so, you are even more amazing than I already thought you were!!!!!! (And I might also have to hate you for doing such a large project so quickly!!! Just kidding about the hate part, of course.)

  4. It looks great! I can't wait to finish my scrappy trips!

  5. What a fun/happy looking quilt~

  6. So glad to catch up with you Michelle. My blog has a few pics of where I've been. This quilt is stunning, and is so meaningful to you! Every time you view it, I bet you will smile. I agree with Pat, you are incredibly fast!

  7. BEAUTIFUL! Something that you will always cherish.

  8. Beautiful!! Love this scrappy quilt!


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