Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Two new additions to the family....

This week our daughter, Megan, began a new adventure...she is studying Literature in England!  She will spend the next year working on and completing her Master's Degree at the University of Hull, in Hull, UK.  We are extremely proud of her, of course, and so excited for this opportunity.  I'll miss her bunches...we are planning a trip to visit after the Christmas holidays!

This was taken the day she left...we tried to get a "selfie" of the three of us.  I have not mastered that skill.  LOL
She has lived on her own for a little over 7 years (wow...time flies!) and in that time, she adopted two fur-babies.  So of course, when she asked if they could stay with us while she was out of the country, we couldn't say no.  :)

Actually, if you've followed my blog very long, you have seen both of the kitties before as she would bring them to our house for visits...you can see them herehere, here, and here.  They are both very sweet, mellow cats and I know they will fit in very nicely.  Smokey (our cat), is very loving (read:  needy) and didn't seem to mind one bit when these two came in the house.  I'm hoping that the companionship of other cats will help with his neediness.  LOL  Our cat Whiskers wasn't very much of a companion to him.

This is Galaxy.  She has such dark fur, it's hard to get a good picture of her.  Even her whiskers are black!

And this is Broccoli.  Yes, Broccoli...or you can call her Tubs or Tubbles, or Tiny Cat.  She is still a little bit kitten at just about 1 1/2 years old and she used to be the tiniest kitten in Megan's apartment (compared to her roommates cat), now she's a bit "tubby" but still the smallest.

Galaxy is an old pro at "Quilt Inspecting,"....

and Tubbles has taken a few crash courses of "on the job training."

We are still working on the feeding situation...remember, Smokey is supposed to be on a diet.  Can you see him eyeballing Tubbles' bowl?  Yeah, you can imagine what he does if the other cats leave food in their bowl.  This was the first time I got them all to eat at once (Tubbles didn't seem to eat much the first few days...she was the most nervous at her new surroundings).
Today, while talking on the phone, I sat on the bed and all three kitties joined me there.  (Excuse the unmade bed...this is our guest bed and I'm washing the sheets since Megan just left.)  :)    I thought this was so cute!  They really are settling in nicely and I think they already feel right at home.  I know Megan will miss them, but we'll take very good care of them!


  1. Ashley moved in when Richard left for Turkey. She brought a cat. We had cats when the girls were little and they were all very friendly. This cat is the moodiest thing EVER. You can't even pet her. Hmpf! I thought it was just me, being a non-animal person but her MIL LOVES animals and Kaya, the kitty, won't let the MIL touch her either. Your cats look much "nicer". :o) Hope Megan does great in the UK. And hey, you get a vacation out of the deal! ;o)


  2. Tubbies reminds me sooooo much of my dear kitty, Samantha Fox...I had her for 16 years and they could be twins.

    Glad they are settling in and that your BIG cat is accepting.

    My older cat, Pingo snarfs his food down and runs to get my other cats food..I have to shut the door she poor Chloe can eat cause Pingo aka Piglet, will eat hers too without breathing or to enjoy his food. Oy Vie!!!

  3. Hope you can manage to give them up when their mommy returns. They look like love kitties!

  4. I love that shot at the end. So cute!

  5. Looks like it will all work out nicely. You sure got some cute photos of them....and the "selfie" of the 3 of you is a pretty good shot, too.

  6. That is so nice that you have her pets. Looks like they will enjoy their new home. We did the same for our son's huge dog, as he and his family moved to Germany two yrs ago. Happy quilting, Marylin in ks.

  7. Loved reading this post . Looks like your daughter's cats have settled in nicely. Love the last photo of them on the bed. Wishing your daughter the best!


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