Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend re-cap

We had a fun-filled weekend...we rented a couple of ATV's and spent a few hours each day riding those around the Wyoming countryside.  Saturday was a bit windy and cool, so we were chilled to the bone after the ride that day.  Saturday night we went to a barn dance!  It was so much fun...I wish I would have taken pictures.  They had strings of white mini lights strung in the rafters, hay bales around the walls to sit on, pumpkins everywhere...just a perfect setting.  Also there was lots of good music and dancing.  :)

Sunday was a bit warmer when we went out riding.  I only went out part of the day, then hubby found a buddy to go back out with him later in the day.  That meant I had some time in my sewing room!

A couple weeks ago, I found out I needed a quickie baby quilt. (I have a few "boy" tops ready to go, but they know this is a girl!)  I picked up this FQ bundle at JoAnn's...and with a coupon, it was a price too good to pass up.  The quality is decent too.

One day last week (I've already forgotten), I assembled the top using the Yellow Brick Road pattern.  This has got to be the fastest quilt top ever!    It only takes 6 FQs and I think I cut and sewed the top in about 2 hours.

Then Friday (I think), I quilted it up!  The colors do not translate well in these pictures...that pink and green does not look like that in real life.  LOL  I could not get a good picture!

I love this quilting design called "Whole Lotta Love."

Then Sunday, I decided to tackle the binding...and try something I have never done before:  Sew the binding on by machine!  I know everyone has their preferred method of finishing the binding, and I have mine as well.  But I just have always wanted to try machine binding...especially for kids quilts or donation quilts that might get a lot more wear and tear.  Judy at Patchwork Times has a great video explaining her technique and that's pretty much the method I used.

I thought the results were pretty good...I'm sure the more I practice, the better it'll look.

 One thing I really didn't like, was that it seemed to make the edges a bit wavy... 

If you look at my pre-binding photo again...the edges are not wavy.  Anyone know if I did something to make this happen?

All in all, I'm happy with it....I'm sure I'll stick to my usual hand method of tacking the back of the binding down for most of my quilts, but this is definitely an option for other quilts in the future!


  1. Sounds like a full weekend, Michelle.
    That is a fun, fresh baby girl quilt. I haven't tried that binding method, so I have no advice. It has been something I have wanted to try for kids quilts, but I have used a triple zigzag stitch for mine. One day I want to try the straight stitch method--I've just been too chicken that mine wouldn't look straight at all. If you learn anything about the waviness I hope you'll share. : )

  2. Did you make up the quilting design yourself? It looks great!

  3. My Mercerie Schnibble waves after I machine sewed the binding. I did not sew it on with my walking foot, which is what is usually suggested, but then I never use my walking foot and haven't had a waving problem before. When I "top stitch" the binding over, I usually use the serpentine stitch. The quilt is really fun, by the way, and I love the quilting pattern.

  4. What a pretty baby quilt! I do all my bindings by machine. It's so much quicker! :0)

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the quilting pattern.

  6. Cute quilt, Michelle! I have tried sewing the binding on by machine. Like you said, with more practice, I think I would be more comfortable with it. Still prefer sewing the binding down by hand, though. Glad you had some sewing time!

  7. What a great baby quilt!!! I'm with you on the machine binding. I can get it to turn out "okay" but I like it to turn out BETTER than I'm still not thrilled with machine binding. And last....but not least...a bit SHAME ON YOU for not taking photos at that barn dance!!! How the heck did THAT happen? LOL

  8. Love the colors in the baby quilt.

  9. Hey Machelle - where are you in Wyoming - I'm over in Western Nebraska, currently in a blizzard!


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