Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Sis!

 Today is my little sister's birthday.  She is more than just a sister...she's my BFF!  She is such an important person in my life, I don't know what I'd do without her.  She's 9 years younger than me and we've never in our adult lives, lived in the same town (let alone, the same state), but there is a connection between us I wouldn't trade for anything. She is an incredible woman, mother, wife, friend, daughter, sister, and someone that I admire for her strength and faith....even amidst incredible life challenges.  She is an inspiration to me! 

We don't get to see each other as often as we'd like, so we treasure the brief visits we have here and there.  This summer, Jenn and her family came to Wyoming for a visit.  We both DISLIKE having our picture taken, but we've realized that means we don't have many pictures of us together.  We are trying to get better at that...

Here we are hiking at Vedauwoo State Park....

and on our way to the Toby Keith concert...

and Mount Rushmore...I think we did pretty darn good this year getting our picture taken!  :)

Here is a little tote I made and sent to her for her birthday...I hope she likes it!

Happy Birthday Jenn....I wish I was there to celebrate with you!

Your Sissy
Saturday, October 26, 2013

Jo's Bonnie Challenge

As you know, I'm a huge Bonnie Hunter fan.  I have made many of her quilts and have a couple in the works at the moment.  Then I see that Jo at Jo's Country Junction is hosting a Bonnie Challenge.  The challenge is to finish up a "Bonnie" quilt before the next mystery quilt starts.  I happen to currently be making "Tumalo Trail" as a leader/ender project and it's getting to the point where I'd like to just finish 'er up!  So this challenge will be perfect for me.

You might remember I posted this picture of the blocks I've completed so far....

And these are the parts and pieces I have, waiting to be assembled.

I think I will do a 4x5 block setting, so I need to make about 10 more blocks...who knows, I might even go bigger!

How about you have a Bonnie quilt to finish up?  Check out what everyone else is working on....Jo's Bonnie Challenge.

Happy Quilting!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Feline Friday

We are really enjoying these two furry friends.  They are settling in quite nicely and providing lots of entertainment and cuddles.  :)

I have no idea what they were looking at, but they both were obviously enamored with something outside....they stayed there watching for quite some time!

If you look closely, you can see Broccoli's reflection in the cute!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wool Projects

I love wool...maybe it's because it's getting colder, but I've had the urge to work on some wool projects lately!  I love the hand-stitching and the colors...I just love it all!

Here is an update on my Warm Winter Blessings block of the month.  Only one more month to go!!  I love these little snowmen!

Since that block of the month will soon be finishing up, I started another one.  LOL  This one is called "Cozy Quilts Club" from Homestead Hearth.  The book is by Tara Lynn Darr and it has 11 little quilts in it.  Each little quilt uses both cotton and wool fabrics....

This month we are doing Midnight Twinkle.... 

Here are all my little "kites" cut out...don't they look like kites?  :)  I have them all basted to the background fabric...ready for stitching. 

I have all this wool left over too!  I'm sure I'll find a good use for it!

Monday, October 21, 2013

A day with Bonnie!

A few weeks back, I found out that Bonnie Hunter was hosting a few workshops in Colorado Springs and I immediately contacted the workshop coordinators and asked if they had any open spots.  Unfortunately, both were FULL.  Boo!  But they did put me on the waiting list.  A couple weeks went by and I got a call saying there was a spot for me in the workshop hosted by the Wooden Spool quilt shop in Denver and was I still interested?  Um, helloooo...Yes!  As it turns out, I did get a call for the Colorado Springs workshop too...but it was just a couple of days before the date and I'd already filled my calendar and had to turn it down!  Ugh...I'm still broken up about that!

But I'm really happy I was able to attend the workshop in Denver.  The quilt we were working on is called it is behind me and Bonnie!  (sorry for the blurry phone picture)

Bonnie is such a great teacher and so passionate about just can't help but be inspired!

 We had a BIG group too...Over 50.  Bonnie said it was the largest group she's had.  We had plenty of space though.  My spot is there in the lower right corner.... 

Can you believe I didn't have the book?  I know...right?  Crazy!  I bought it when I got to the workshop though and had her autograph it for me.  I'm such a Bonnie groupie.

There are three different blocks in the quilt...I love this star...

Also, Jacob's Ladder blocks...can you see my boo-boo?  I didn't get to the third block, which is Rosebud.
Truthfully, I don't think I'll make the full quilt.  I just have too many projects going on at the moment.  I'll make cute little table toppers or something with these blocks and they'll always be a memento of another great workshop with Bonnie!  If you ever have the chance to take one of her must do it!  Also, don't forget her Mystery Quilt coming up!

There are pictures of my Show & Tell on Bonnie's post if you want to check it out!  Since I've now been to her workshops in Delaware and Colorado, she asked where I'd be the next time I'd see she knows I'll be moving again in a couple years.  Who knows...but I'll keep my eye out for her!

The quilt shop hosting the event gave us some nice little goodies too!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Catching up...again.

We've had a full week...but not much going on in the quilting department and that makes for a grouchy Michelle.  :P  Hubby's step mom has been here visiting for the last 8-9 we (I) was busy entertaining her.  We had a nice visit, and it's always a good feeling having life back to normal after visitors.  The tragic part was this is the ONLY picture I got of her.  Bad, bad step-daughter-in-law.  LOL  The base fire department held a fall festival and this was some fire hydrant dude.  At least is shows hubby and step mom together!

A lot happened over the week she was here...the big news is we had our first snowfall of the season!
It was sure pretty, but the wind was fierce and COLD.  

This is my favorite mums and pumpkin covered in snow....

The snow came on Friday, was gone by Sunday, and by Monday the temps were in the 70's with beautiful blues skies.

 I think I've mentioned the pronghorn living on base before...they are a type of antelope and we have around 400 living and protected on base.  Well, apparently it's mating season.  This picture shows something we haven't seen until now, so I Googled it.  Usually, you only see 2-3 together or singles.  I found out that during mating season, a male pronghorn will gather a group of females and keep them clustered like this (click picture for a bigger view)....

Same field, but I couldn't get him in the picture...but here is the male keeping watch.

 I think this is the same group a little later...they are all females here.  Another odd thing happening now...they've been running/chasing each other like crazy.  Males chasing males and males chasing females (of course).  But the sad part is...they dart out into the roads and even though we have restricted speed limits on base (20-30 mph maximum), accidents still happen.  I've seen/heard of 2-3 killed on base this week.  Crazy, hormone filled creatures!!  LOL

 The other wildlife activity we've had around here...remember that perfect pumpkin scene from the picture above?  This is what I woke up to a few days later....

Yes, I have my own Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater on my hands and I caught him in the act!!  Stinkin' little squirrel!  But then I started thinking, the poor little guy probably has a big family to provide for, so then I felt good about providing some squirrel food for him and his family.  LOL

So now that company is gone, I thought about what quilting project did I want to tackle.  I pulled out one of my WIP boxes.... 

And came up with this OLDie, but goodie....

This is from 5-6 years ago...I can remember where we were stationed when I was working on it...three assignments ago!  :)
Did you look at this picture closely?  No, you are not seeing double.  I had to think really hard why I have TWO of some of the blocks.  Then I remembered there was so much fabric in each block of the month kit that I was making two of each block.  From the second block, I made a small wallhanging and sent it to my sister...I didn't follow through with that plan, did I?  LOL

I have to regroup with this and get moving on it again.  I was doing all the applique stitching by machine and I have a different machine I'm going to have to find a matching stitch (one block is only half stitched!)

I do think it's a cute it'll be worth finishing.  Stay tuned!  I hope I didn't bore you with so many pictures...

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Mini 9 Patches

I'm sure many of you are holding your breath...wondering what I decided to do with the mini 9 patches I've been making as leaders and enders.  Well, wait no more...I'm here to relieve you of your worry and concern and maybe you'll sleep better at night now that you know!  

What's a true leader/ender groupie to do but pull out one of Bonnie's books....

As I flipped through the pages, I came across this little gem....hmmm, see those little 9 patches.  Adorable!

 And as luck would have you remember these half square triangles I sewed up a while back.  In my blog post HERE, I was trying to decide what to do with them.

As I cut up my 3.5" strips, I cut 4 matching HST units...which is exactly what I need for the Tumalo Trail block.  It's serendipitous!  :)  I have a few random onsies and twosies, I'll just save those for another project.  But I have enough foursies to make about 20 Tumalo then I'll decide how big I want to go and if I'll need to make more HSTs.  I don't necessarily plan to make it bed size as in the book.  The one problem I can see happening that I'll need the right amount of blocks to complete the pattern.  Do you see the X's starting already?  Yeah, my OCD side won't let me end with half an X.  :P

Smokey looks exceptionally huge in this picture.  They are 9" blocks, so you get the idea of how big this cat is.  LOL  He does seem to approve though...he's checking them out thoroughly.

 So there you go...I think this will be a fun project.  I love the little mini 9 patches and I think this showcases them very nicely!!